My 2015 New Year's GIFT to You!



EMPOWER your New Year's Resolutions!

          REAL Change IS Empowering

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Change can be easy, change can be difficult.  It is all in the way you approach change. New Year's resolutions are not something I recommend.  They are usually "plans" made in desperation or out of guilt.  Not exactly the energy needed to be behind real life empowering change.

Compare this to having a "weight loss" goal. One does all the "right" things to achieve their weight loss goal. Once the ideal weight has been reached, people often slowly slip back into old habits. This is because the goal has ended; the weight has been lost, I have "done" my job.

Your Resolution Solution

What if your goal never had an end mark? What if your goal was lifetime wellness? You would have a lifetime motivation: Wellness! You would work toward that goal every day of your life! This means staying on your health and healing path; no slipping back into unhealthy habits! 

Real change is powerful.  It has to come from the heart, mind, and soul.  I can suggest everything you need to do to: change your health, lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and heal your body.  That change will happen only when you want it to happen and you make it happen.

Instead of making resolutions at the eve or dawn of a new year, well because, you know something has got to give... how about finding what fires your passion and allow yourself to metamorphosis into the healing being you are.  Make lifetime lifestyle resolutions this New Years!  Create the change you want to see happen in you. BE the change; your own healing energy.

  • What would achieving this desire feel like to you?
  • Focus on that feeling. 
  • Imagine feeling this way for the rest of your life!

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippocrates

My New Year's GIFT to you!  

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