Common Sense

When you are making choices in regards to your health put your common sense into practice.

Ask questions about the choices you need to make:

  • "Does this make sense in the overall scheme of things, with life, does it seem natural?" 
  •  "IS this choice a natural choice, could this / would this occur and happen in nature?"  If the issue at hand goes against the grain of nature, it more than likely is not best for human or planetary health.
  • "Is this choice best for my wellness?"  A yes answer is probably good for you and the planet.

So much health and medical advice is extremely unnatural.

If the advice goes against the grain of nature, it goes against life... life force energy.

Healing goes with the grain of nature, with the grain of common sense.

Question all advice you receive from healers, medical experts, friends and family.  When we question, we learn and grow as human beings.  

Take all information you receive from your healer guides as information to question.  Find answers of your own that work for you.  You will bless yourself with enduring, great health.