Health Education Consults For Your Healing Journey:  1 hour+ session to address your critical questions & symptoms and get your self healing plan rolling.  We work, together, to get to the root causes of your symptoms. We then address the root causes with food and lifestyle habit changes. I support you as you work to relieve your symptoms and weave your own vibrant health.  Consult Includes:

  • pre-appointment thorough review of your health history forms
  • follow up email with attached personalized - educational hand-outs, and
  • 2 week basic email Q & A Support related to our session together. If you have deeper questions, beyond our current session, this will need the attention provided in another session. This is the process of Health Education Coaching. If large amounts of information at one time will overwhelm you, make this known to me and we will work in an every 2 week coaching capacity.     $65/hour
  • Home Visits / Office Policies

Getting to the root causes of your health issues is a commitment for life that is taken one step at a time. We can meet as often as you need to make the changes, dig deeper into your health, & support the weaving of your own medicine path. I will confess, I work best with people who can take in what I have to offer for Natural Health Education information and proactively make it happen in their lives. This is true Lifestyle Medicine. No Quick Fixes: People do come to my "table" looking for a quick fix. Self Healing will take Work & Time. This is a commitment to transformation in your physical - emotional - spiritual way of being. I look forward to walking your healing path with you.

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