Food & Nutrition courses

These are the Healing You-Niversity courses that are food related.

You can purchase each course separately.

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1. Food As Your Healing Tool Natural Food Know How 

This is a double course (2 weeks information in 1 course module)

  • What is whole food, why eat it, how to make changes in your life including the why's of eating seasonally and locally, and how eating whole foods will heal your body from the cellular level.
  • Using foods for your healing advantage & decrease disease causing inflammation. 
  • Navigating the world of food, food labels, and food ingredients. 
  • Bonus information Cooking like a Kitchen Artist Handout for simplifying the real food work week.

2. Sugar Addiction Be GONE!: Need I say more?  Sugar is a huge contributing factor in many lifestyle related diseases. Learn how to rid sugar from your life. This course pairs well with Divine Weight loss.

3. Getting To The Fat Of The Matter: So many people I work with are lost when it comes to distinguishing fats from proteins from carbohydrates in their food sources. Throw in the concept of whole food sources and people throw their hands up. This course will teach you the value of high quality, whole food sources of protein, carbohydrate, & fats (your macro-nutrients energy sources) in healthy-whole food eating; what each energy source is; and what whole foods best provide these energy sources. Learning to balance your macro-nutrients for your personal body needs can support the relief of il health symptoms & chronic body weight issues.

4. Gluten Free Living: The whys & hows of living gluten free; symptoms & diseases that respond positively to living gluten free; navigating the world of living gluten free with ease.