Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Health Coaching every two weeks (or however you so desire for your best healing needs):

Coaching services will be offered through Deborah Miller of Earth Rhythm Wellness

Here is the general idea:

  • I LOVE delving into my Wise Woman Nurse process. This is where I map out all of your health problems and symptoms in a Functional Medicine based plan. This helps to discover the root causes of your health problems to create a health education support plan unique for you and your individual needs. I do this work with my Initial Health Consultations.
  • If you desire coaching to help you navigate the changes you must create in your life to fully heal your body, mind, and soul... Deb is an expert and loving Health Coach ready to hold hand and heart with you through all the lifestyle and eating changes. Deb and I will be in collaboration, through your entire coaching process, to keep your healing plan specific for you.
  • If you are self-motivated (and many of my clients are), I will still be offering the "Do It Yourself Plan" that comes with the Initial Consultation. You take your Health Education plan we co-create and put it into action in your life and check back in with me in a month, or two, or six to see what needs updating in your plan.