Lifestyle Choices Courses

These are the Healing You-Niversity courses that are lifestyle choice related. You can purchase each course separately. Click course title for more information.


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  1. Divine Weight Loss: accessing your personal life force power to re-balance body weight for life.
  2. Sugar Addiction Be GONE!: need I say more? Sugar is a huge contributing factor in many lifestyle related diseases. Learn how to rid sugar from your life. This course pairs well with Divine Weight loss.
  3. Movement Magic: the deep benefits of daily, self-love movement to live with grace & health while maintaining balance, flexibility, & strength; simple routines provided. Movement Magic benefits your body weight goals & intentions.
  4. Liver-Colon Detox Nourishment: nourishing the liver and colon for more optimal functioning in disease prevention & body health-healing.
  5. Gluten Free Living: the whys & hows of living gluten free; symptoms & diseases that respond positively to living gluten free; navigating the world of living gluten free with ease.
  6. Gut Health: optimizing gut health for lifetime vitality. Disease does begin in the gut. Creating gut health creates vital health.
  7. Learn to make your own herbal medicines: get informed in the simple art of making herbal medicines to enhance your personal health & your family's health
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