I am an RN in my private practice: Natural Health Education & Fitness Teacher trained in Functional Medicine. 

I live, work, and play in Potsdam, NY with my 2 teen boys supporting them in cultivating peacefulness in our crazy world, my 4 cats (yup, a budding crazy cat lady), and my faithful mutt Lily who enthusiastically and faithfully wanders any forest path with me. Good Dog Lily!

My passions are wandering the woods and waterways of the ADK Mountains and trying to discover how to nourish everyone healthy as they walk their own sacred healing path. 

...among many, many other passions.

Thank you for stopping by and checking me & my offerings out.



I am a Wise Woman Nurse®   (NYS Registered Nurse), Certified Holistic Health Coach-Educator trained in Functional Medicine, NYS Health & Adult Fitness-Physical Education Teacher, Fitness & Wise Woman Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Reiki Master Energy Healer...My path in this world is to support and guide others in their return to harmony of mind, body, & spirit through nourishment, nature, and natural lifestyle choices. 

My Health Philosophy: The body is genetically programmed to heal. If we remove the obstacles that created the illness and add life nourishing behaviors, healing harmony, transformation, will occur. My first book is your basic road map to nourishing & restoring healthy harmony. Book #2 is about opening heart, mind, and spirit to these nourishing, harmonious, & transformative life choices.  Book #3 was co-authored with Jenny Morrill of 3 Marigolds Mindfulness Consulting Practice and is to support your mindfulness, your space of inner peace and calm in life, through meditations, daily suggestions of Just Being, yoga, herbs, food, and Lifestyle Medicine Choices.                                                                                                                     

My Educational Journey: My first few weeks of nursing school showed me I needed to gear my life towards nourishing & healing all beings not just controlling disease symptoms. It is very clear to me that life is about living in sync with nature; nature is who we are. When we live as intended; self-nourishment, health, harmony, and healing transformation flow freely. 

98% of my Registered Nursing experience was in Women & Maternal-Child Health; working with women in all stages of life to transform female health and energy. I bring this knowledge and experience to my Female Healing Classes and my online courses ♀ Moon School.


  • Associate’s Degree Registered Nurse, SUNY Canton, NY
  • Bachelor’s Degree Health Education, SUNY Cortland, NY
  • Master’s Degree Wellness and Fitness Promotion, Syracuse University, NY

My Natural, Wise Woman Nurse®, Health Education & Training: 

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“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle