New Book! 

Jenny Morrill & I have written a book to support you weaving your own healing wisdom: to support your mindfulness, your space of inner peace and calm in life, through meditations, daily suggestions of Just Being, yoga, herbs, food, and Lifestyle Medicine Choices.   

We weave healing wisdom together, into a handbook, for you to walk your journey, weaving your own tapestry of healing wisdom.

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My 1st Books: I Invite you to read & create a vibrant Harmonized life

Your Companion Books For Harmonizing Mind, Body, & Spirit...Think Cellular Health  ; )


                                     My first book is your basic road map                                         to nourishing & restoring healthy harmony.

Click for link to To buy book directly from me: Contact

Click for link to

To buy book directly from me: Contact

                                Book #2 is for opening heart, mind, & spirit to these                                  nourishing, harmonious, & transformative life choices.

Books available locally at:

Five Elements Living, Colton, NY,  

Nature's Storehouse, Main Street in Canton, NY &

Willow Tree Florist & Landscaping on Route 11 just outside of Potsdam, NY.


My eBook for a humorous look at the "smoothie culture."


DSoS book cover.JPG

This eBook comes from a space of deep humor and love. I often joke about the bizarre habit our culture has embraced: pureed food, a food consistency that was always reserved for those persons no longer able to chew their food. How did the smoothie end up the hallmark, the Holy Grail, of healthy eating?

I confess, I like and want solid food. I appreciate a plate with colorful food in front of me: the smell, the textures, and the blend of colors and flavors that wait to please my palate. I like to use a fork to bring food to my mouth in anticipation of the long and tasty chew process.

I will also confess, if I am no longer able to chew my own food, I hope my kids are standing by with a Vita-Mix blender and lots of yummy, fresh, organic, whole foods ready to puree into a drinkable consistency for dear ‘ole Mom. But please, Jake and Eli, hold the kale!