Just a 'lil teaser to let you know that Jenny Morril (3 Marigolds Mindfulness Consultant) & I have completed our book writing Project. 


This is the "project" I spoke of in a December newsletter as to why I was not taking new clients.

The book is written, Woo-Hoo, and I am inviting new clients into their healing journey with me. By the way, I have changed my client session options. As always, please know I am open to working with you on a donation basis if you have financial need.  

We are now searching for publisher options.  And, we have an awesome forward from Shelby Connelly of Five Elements Living. We are truly blessd to have her support.

Weaving our energies together makes a stronger tapestry!

Hang on for more details... I am so psyched about this book and the opportunities that lie within it and around this book for Jenny & I.

I can't wait to share our news as things progress. Check back as I add bits and pieces of our journey to make our book available for our hands and yours.