Jenny Morrill (3 Marigolds Mindfulness) & I offer our new book to you! 


We share our healing wisdom with you to explore, plant seeds of your own wisdom, and grow into your own healing, lifestyle medicine.

The book's foreward is a great write by our co-hort in supporting health, friendship, & life's fun energy: Shelby Connelly of Five Elements Living. We are truly blessd to have her energy woven into this book.  Be on the look out for our book launch party at Five Elements!

Weaving our energies together makes a stronger tapestry!

We are excited about this book and the opportunities that lie within and around this book for both of us and our readers.

Our book IS available from our hands, hearts, spirits, and minds to your's. 

Paula's & Jenny's Bios

Thank you for joining us on a healing journey!