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♀ MOON SCHOOL is the female healing part of The School of Self Healing where we learn to heal the female body, mind, & spirit (The Feminine Divine) from a whole health perspective. You will learn feminine wisdom around your menstrual cycle, reproductive health, the menopausal years, and the beauty of the wise woman years (post menstrual years) to heal and be whole as women and to balance the universal male-female energy.  Check out ♀ MOON SCHOOL by clicking here. Donation based tuition.


  • The above online classes are also offered as onsite Natural Health Education - Self Healing Education workshops. Workshops can be tailored to your group's specific needs. Contact me and we can co-create the workshop you need.

  • Female Reproductive Natural Health & Wise Woman Nurse Yoga.           See ♀ MOON SCHOOL above.

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