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Voluptuous V™ $34.00

An earthy, soothing salve for feminine root chakra areas created by a natural health RN and a holistic acupuncturist. 100% Natural Intimate Self Care.

Featuring these ingredients : *Wild Yam Root, *Slippery Elm Bark, *Calendula Flowers,  *Vetiver, and Natural Vitamin E Oil (contains 18-20% mixed tocopherols from certified non-GMO soy sources) in a luxe of *coconut oil, *olive oil, and **natural beeswax

*Organic ingredients** VV™ color may vary from batch to batch due to the natural beeswax which can vary in color. This is normal and natural. See image below.

Comes in 2 oz.  glass jar.  Purchase through Paula or Five Elements Living.                Wholesale orders for your retail space: Contact Shelby @ Five Elements Living.

Products will be available for purchase at workshops with Paula.

Book a product session to learn better self care around a product's purpose so the product works in conjunction with your lifestyle medicine.

                 Why does beeswax color vary?

               Why does beeswax color vary?