Art work respectfully used by permission of the artist,  Jaine Rose, England . Please visit her website to enjoy her  ♀  symbolic art. Each piece has a  click  link.

Art work respectfully used by permission of the artist, Jaine Rose, England. Please visit her website to enjoy her symbolic art. Each piece has a click link.


Do you Have:

  • Painful Periods?

  • PMS that makes you think you are crazy?

  • Lack of Libido?

  • Menopausal Shifts you do not understand or like? Fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding struggles?

  • Lack of knowledge about your truly amazing female organs and menstrual cycle?

  • On the "pill" or some other hormonal birth control and it is not agreeing with you or you are just sick of putting synthetic hormones in your body?

  • Is your partner confused by your cycles and feminine energy?

Menstruation and female cycles are truly blessings not curses.

RE-Learn the beauty of and how to nourish your female ways.

"At menarche a woman enters her power, 
through her menstruating years she practices her power, 
at menopause she becomes her power."  
  Native American Saying

All  ♀ MOON SCHOOL classes & School of Self Healing courses are on a donation basis

I am very open to individual requests on pricing that works for your budget. The main goal is to share healing information in a way that is affordable by all. If you have a tuition investment that seems better suited to your budget, give me a shout. I can create a personal link just for you. 

See donation based policies:

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What will I learn In This Female Healing Course?

Watch the Welcome-Intro video for this course at the bottom of this page to learn more about what you will learn!

  • WEEK 1: What is means to be a cyclical female; menstrual flow cycling by the moon and the seasons of the year. How this "cycle" is part of your every cell from your conception until your death whether you are a bleeding or non-bleeding female. How your view-vision of your cycle creates how you will experience your cycles over the entire course of your bleeding years.

  • WEEK 2: Whole food feeding your body's cellular health for a lifetime of balanced, cyclical living; tossing in a bit of female reproductive anatomy & physiology just for fun, female learning.

  • WEEK 3: Maidenhood is your coming into menarche, puberty, and your years as a bleeding female. We will discuss the wonders of these early menstruating years, healthy body image for the juicy woman you are becoming, and the Herbs to work with the rhythm of your body: irregular cycles, PMS, heavy bleeding, ovulation spotting...

  • WEEK 4: Maid / Motherhood is your years as a sexual and/or mothering female. We will discuss the workings of your body as you blossom into the fruitful years of your womanhood and the Herbs for fertility and birth control, healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding, and holistic care of self and family. These are our years of fertility, birthing (birthing creatively not just babies), and sexuality.

  • WEEK 5: Wise Woman / Crone Years are the years you develop into and birth yourself back into your non-bleeding womanly ways. The wisdom & magic of the menopausal years will unfold for us in this week's module: pre & peri-menopause into the completely non-bleeding years. See how a positive perspective on your bleeding years can heal your energy around your younger years and create a path for positive and healthy Wise Woman Years. Herbs for menopause, bone health, and beyond. 

  • WEEK 6: Making teas and tinctures to enhance your life in Wise Woman Healing Ways.

  • WEEK 7: Wise Woman Nurse Yoga Movement Magic to enhance female energy and the flow of life force energy in your body. (Chakra Wisdom)

  • WEEK 8How to nourish your liver, glandular, and gut health to best affect your lifelong hormonal health. We are a "whole" organism and every aspect of our being is interconnected with and relies on every other aspect of our being for radiant, lifelong health.

What will I receive for coursework Materials?

Each week's ONLINE module will consist of video slide show(s) and PDF files for your viewing, reading, and learning enjoyment. The modules will have comment sections for asking questions. Everyone's questions will be an opportunity for us all to learn together. You can also email me: if you would prefer to ask questions privately. With your permission I will post the question and answer, anonymously, on the comments section at the bottom of the class page.

I am in the process of moving these courses from one classroom hosting site to my website. Please email me if you are interested in the courses and I will let you know as soon as I have the materials moved and ready for your learning. All classes will be on a donation basis just as The School of Self Healing courses are donation based.

There is no rush or pressure to finish quickly as you own and can enjoy this training course for life.

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The   Tree of Life   that we are  all a part of on our walk of  life and love on Mother Earth.

The Tree of Life that we are

all a part of on our walk of

life and love on Mother Earth.

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Thank you for maintaining my privacy. With LOVE & Deep Compassion for You on Your Healing Journey, Paula