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Weaving Inner Wisdom: Your Personal Health

Group Coaching Series with Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse

Course ended. Check back as I will offer again Fall 2017

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What is this all about?

A group coaching experience brings people together in the spirit of learning and self healing from a space of love. Paula’s wisdom as an RN, School Health & Fitness Teacher, Herbalist, Holistic / Functional Medicine Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, & Reiki Energy Healer are woven together in this series to support your learning and personal growth around health and living in sync with natural rhythms. 

Holistic and Functional medicine seeks to treat the person as a whole being. Health symptoms are looked at from a perspective of the whole lifestyle. Finding the root causes of the ill health symptoms being displayed by the body and eliminating these causes is the goal of Holistic Functional Medicine. This is different than Western Medicine’s approach of looking at a person’s symptoms and treating individual symptoms to only relieve the symptoms; basically just a cover up or suppression of the symptoms without finding the symptom’s causes and removing them. Removing what is causing the symptom is what heals the symptom and helps to support whole body healing. Holistic Functional Medicine tends towards healing the body with food and lifestyle changes.

Course ended. Check back as will offer again Fall 2017

This is a 3 Class Series on Monday evenings 6-8 PM at Five Elements Living, Colton, NY:

•March 27thEating for Cellular Health: How food choices affect the regeneration of your body cells (tissues & organs) & the internal function of your body cells for daily vitality and longevity.
•April 3rd:   Natural Food Know How: Navigating the World of Real Food, Food Labels, Ingredients, and Food Fads for Vibrant Health.

•April 10th: Wise Woman Herbs & Movement Magic for Digestive Ease  Simple body moves and simple herbal remedies to nourish and calm the digestive tract.

Benefits to you:

  • Body Weight Balancing: whether you need to lose or gain weight
  • Health Dis-ease Symptoms: lessen and may just disappear!
  • Better Moods
  • More Energy
  • Better Digestion
  • Decrease Inflammation & Slow Aging...
  • So Much MORE!

Group Coaching Series Includes:
•Weekly class with Q & A.
•Class Follow Up Email with educational materials to continue nourishing your personal learning and healing needs.
•Inclusion in The School of Self Healing FB Group: to ask questions, share personal stories of healing insights, and for support on our self healing journeys.
•Simple questions answered via email for the 3 weeks following classes.
•Invitation to do 1 on 1 work with Paula at premium price for group coaching members only.

All Three Classes $125.00

Register online with Five Elements Living at https://fiveelementsliving.com/register-for-an-event.html

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