Autumn Session Of The Mentorship Focuses On The Element Of Earth.

Celebrating the Earth Element & being grounded in our bodies, the Holi-Days of the Wheel of the Year, and the West Direction Medicine Wheel.

We will learn about the Rhythms of Nature’s Medicine through the container of **Yoga and the Groundedness of Earth. We will learn Functional Medicine-Movement-Nutrition & Herbs as they relate to the Earth Element.

  • Tuesday AM, 9:30-10:50

  • Tuesday eve. 6-7:20 PM

  • Wednesday eve. 6-7:20 PM This session is currently sold out

Dates: Tuesdays September 10th & Wednesdays September 11th through October 8th & 9th

Register: Payment can also be via $105 check mailed to Paula Youmell, PO Box 115, Hannawa Falls, NY 13647. Let me know what session you are registering for, please.

All classes held at Five Elements Living Acupuncture & Wellness Center, Colton, NY. You can add Acupuncture, with Shelby Connelly, to your Savasana bliss for $10/class. Please pay Shelby at each class or for all classes on the first class date. It will be 4 classes / $40 this session as Shelby will be away 1 week of the classes.

Important Info: If you can’t make all the classes in a 5 week series, no sweat. All classes have an email follow up with information pertaining to each class so you can keep up and feel connected. Feel free to Gift the Mat with a friend: the class you can’t attend, send a friend or family member to practice & learn in your mat space for that week.


5 Week Mentorship Requirements:

  • Pre-registration & payment is required prior to attending this mentorship.

  • No drop-ins, please. Payment is for the full series, this is not a week by week offering / studio Yoga classes. Payment includes laminated Yoga Pose series for each Element and weekly follow up emails with educational handouts for further learning, exploring, and growing as a spiritual being.

  • Sacred Circle Yoga Mentorship is limited to 12 people in the AM class & 12 people in the PM class. Winter 2019-20 I am considering an online option.

  • Questions? Ask please.

    **Please understand these class series are not Yoga Exercise/Fitness classes nor is this a Yoga studio class. We use Yoga as a container to come back into ourselves, to embody the learning of Nature’s Rhythms. The Yoga poses, Savasana relaxation, and breath work encompass approximately 2/3rds of the 80 minute class time frame. Poses are taught in a user friendly way so everyone can enjoy each pose in their body’s expression of it. I will invite you to learn poses and the series of poses used for each Element, and learn them well, so you can make your home practice whatever you want it to be. The key to Yoga’s Magic is the daily home practice. If you learn poses well, you can do them in aerobic flow or long held, muscle building, “strong” poses at home. In class we will focus on learning well so you can transform at home how you want to. If you are looking for a class to walk away with a heart pumping sweaty aerobic dance glow… use this course learning to then create that at home. What you will notice is transformation of your body’s abilities in each pose. Ask some of my current students about the magic they have witnessed in their body’s transformation through Yoga.

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