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                      Beginner's Yoga : Letting Go Of Awkward                          Yoga-Acupuncture-Self Care Evening or Morning Retreat

Two dates to pick from to best serve your working, playing, and learning schedule:

  • Sunday, April 8, 2018  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm   and   
  • Wednesday April 11th, 9 AM-12 Noon

Five Elements Living, Colton, United States, 13625

Register at :

Have you ever found yourself in a Yoga class, unable to follow the asana cues, and struggling to keep up with what is happening around you? You left class maybe feeling just a little frustrated and thinking Yoga is maybe not for you? Yoga classes tend to focus on the physical poses making one feel even less capable because if Yoga IS the poses and I flounder doing them... Yoga is not for me.

Asana practice (Yoga poses) is but 1 tool, in the medicine bag of Yoga, that supports your inner transformation. 

Join me to learn just what Yoga is, ease out of feeling awkward in Yoga class, and plant seeds for your personal growth. 

Join me for 3 hours of digging gently and deeply into what Yoga really is (yup, it ain't just about the poses), open yourself up to a practice that is whole health healing, and learn to navigate those maybe funky poses, playfully. 

Create a calm confidence in your ability to use Yoga as a healing tool and feel comfy joining future Yoga classes. You will move into and out of poses with personal competence. You will learn to use poses as one channel to opening to the gift of Yoga in all areas of your health and healing.

Shelby and I are offering 2 separate classes to best accommodate your schedule. Sunday 5 to 8 PM and Wednesday 9 AM to Noon to open up learning space for 3-11 and midnight shift workers, retired individuals, stay at home moms, etc. 

Pick your preferred class date and time & Register Here:

  • Sunday April 8th, 5-8 PM OR
  • Wednesday April 11th, 9 AM-12 Noon

Bring: wear comfy clothes, warm layers and socks for a relaxing Savasana
•Yoga mat if you would prefer your own

You will Learn:
•What Yoga is: it’s purpose in self healing and practices beyond physical postures.
•Health benefits of a daily Yoga practice.
•How to walk into a studio Yoga class feeling cool, confident, and playful in your ability to thrive.
•What different styles of Yoga are (Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Flow, Restorative) so you have a better idea of what to expect when you chose to join that particular style of class.
•How to use your time on the mat to transform your life off of the mat (because your whole life IS the mat): the art of inner conscious connection, a tool for transformation and self healing. This is Yoga lifestyle medicine: Yoga as a tool towards deeper health and aligning with your true self. More importantly how to use Yoga as a self healing tool, as a path back to your true self. 
•A new philosophy and way of walking your path in life for more peace, inner consciousness, perseverance, and emotional-spiritual agility.
•Common asana poses and how to ease into and out of them.
•Using Yoga for mind, body, spirit health and healing.
•How acupuncture compliments your Yoga practice.

What we will do in class:
•Classroom teaching and discussion around just what Yoga really is (see above) and some of the common, simple Yoga tools to use such as breath work.
•A gentle Yoga asana practice to learn common poses, this will be slow and easy with open discussion so each student can embody some ease in these common poses.
•A deeply relaxing Savasana practice with self quiet time and acupuncture. We will finish with a gentle, guided meditation and peaceful poem to send you home feeling relaxed, renewed, and ready to put a Yoga practice into place in your lifestyle medicine bag.

Sounds like a tall order for one 3-hour class? Join me and find out. We will laugh, learn, and create self-love together. 

What else you will receive:
•A Yoga card with stick figure images of the poses we will do in class. These will brilliantly assist your new home practice.
•Follow up email with further information to continue your learning with books suggestions, article links, etc.
•Deepening practices suggestions to keep learning.
•Answers to your simple questions in regards to the classroom information, so you can build that self assured confidence around this Beginner’s Yoga experience.