"Cooking To Transform Your Health" Class

Cooking to Transform YOUR Health!!!

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The benefits of Health Counseling in a group class, at a group price! 

Class Dates:   Sunday: January 20th, Saturday: February 2nd and Feb 9th, 2013   

Time:  3-5 PM    1st Class, 1/20/13, will run until 5:30 PM

Location:  166 County Route 59, Potsdam         Call or email for directions

Price:  $150    Cost of sessions on private client basis:  $350

Send Payment to:  Paula Youmell  PO Box 115  Hannawa Falls, NY  13647 To pay via PayPal:  send payment to  pyoumell@gmail.com

Class Content: Whole Food Nutrition with Creative cooking Getting sugar and processed foods out of your diet, Cleaning out your kitchen and creating a healing cooking space, Learning to read labels / shop for healthy food / eat out and eat healthy, The Importance of eating locally / seasonally / organically and its positive impacts, Adding movement to your life for longevity Reducing stress and making room for life Whole health living and much more!

Benefits to you when you live this Whole Health Lifestyle:  Better kitchen confidence & cooking skills Lose weight, Feel great, look great Sleep better, Have more natural energy Improve your fitness Feed yourself and your family nourishing foods so everyone benefits! Detox the body, repair damage and inflammation, decrease and prevent symptoms of disease

Decrease risk for cancer, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease..... any disease

Brain functions better, memory and intelligence are enhanced

Improves moods, patience levels

Keeps blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin levels in check

Curbs cravings for unhealthy foods Improve your health and healing for your entire lifetime! And so many more positive health impacts! What you will receive from this class:     6 ½ hours of class time Email support between sessions

Educational emails with attached handouts after every Saturday class Educational emails every Monday with attached handouts to enhance the class experience

Inspirational emails every Friday to support and encourage you with your health & healing goals

Whole Health perspective around food, cooking, and life style choices Take your health back into your own hands with education, guidance, support and being held accountable for making personal change.

Class space is limited; call now to reserve your space in your cooking, health and healing class!  Client testimonial:  I have worked 1 on 1 with Paula, every two weeks, for 10 months.  Her knowledge of health, nutrition, healing and how to make lasting lifestyle changes is amazing.  I knew, going into this process that the change had to come from me, I had to be committed.  She has given me the tools to make better choices and create change I can sustain for life.  My health and happiness have truly improved!  D. Marshall


If you would like personalized attention around food, health, healing, herbs, Reiki and/or living a more natural lifestyle, please contact Paula Youmell to set up a Nutrition and Health Consultation.  She can be reached at the contact information above.

Enjoy radiant health today and every day!

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