Mindful Eating

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you change the way you be with things, the things you be with change."    

Paul Epstein, ND

Mindful Eating

As we welcome in a New Year, bringing mindfulness to our lives and our eating habits can have profound impacts on our health and happiness.  We often begin the New Year with resolutions to lose weight and exercise more  so we can fulfill our desire to be thinner.  Another diet is just another opportunity to succeed or fail in this moment.  So many of us are aware that yet another diet is not the answer.  As a culture we have tried them all: "South Beach", Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, High carb, Low carb, Cabbage soup, Detox diets...... the list goes on and on.

How about trying a new approach; a mind, body and spirit approach?  Bringing mindfulness to our eating habits, to our living habits, to who we are and what we are about in this lifetime can have profound impacts on the way we live our lives.  Confronting the truths in our lives, how we got to the space we are in right now is what ultimately liberates us, not our desire to be free.

So when we face this New Year in our lives, let us face it from a space of truthfulness.  Perhaps our truths will free us to find our own path, our sacred path to health and healing.

"Food" Focus:  heart, mind and soul food.......

Body Awareness Exercises for Weight Loss & Vibrant Health

Alignment of your body, mind and soul is the key to whole health and healing.  When we heal the mind and soul, the door to physical healing opens.

What we eat changes everything - not just the "food" we feed our physical bodies with but just as importantly (maybe even more importantly), the thoughts and actions we feed our mind and soul with.  When our heart, mind and soul are in alignment, anything and everything is possible!

When we feed our heart and soul whole 'food', our body better uses the whole foods we actually physically eat!  We digest, absorb, circulate and utilize the nutrients far better when we are happy and whole as humans.  Our bodies then use the nutrients very efficiently to heal!

I often contemplate why some of my clients are successful in making lifestyle changes and others struggle to make changes.  Baby steps are great; any change toward health & healing is AWESOME!

These are the thoughts I came up with, based upon what I have experienced.  Body awareness type exercises (Yoga, Breath Work, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tae Kwon Do, Meditation, Walking Meditation, etc.) help people gain control of their lives and feel at peace with anything.  Let me explain.

When we stop the constant chatter inside our heads and still our minds through mindfulness activities (body awareness exercises), we tend to make choices that are in alignment with what is best for our health without feeling deprived.   When we are living in the present moment, we are aligned in body, mind and spirit.  Body awareness exercises bring this subconscious awareness to our being.

When we quiet our minds, we use our emotions to our advantage.  When our minds are busy, our emotions use us.

When we align body, mind and soul we naturally and unconsciously make choices that best serve our health, our true being.  No feelings of deprivation or guilt, just plenty of good healthy energy!

Recipe for healthy living: some simple ideas to try........     Deep breathing exercises, Progressive muscle relaxation, Yoga sun salutation in the AM, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tae Kwon Do, Meditation, Walking Meditation, Yoga practice daily, prayer....

Other thoughts around yoga & healing: 

Have a peaceful, harmonious and healing year!  Paula