Creating Change for Better Health and Weight Loss

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"What we eat changes everything."  Joshua Rosenthal

Creating Change for Better Health and Weight Loss

Whatever we do to create better health will also create weight loss.  The lifestyle changes and their results, the benefits, go hand in hand.  Healthier lifestyle choices cannot exist without the added benefits of weight loss in your life.

Whatever we take into our body: food, thoughts, actions, others' words said to us, all create or impair health.  Make positive, "whole" choices and you create health in mind, body and soul.

What should we know about making changes in our lives?  

Making change is not about waiting until it feels natural, simple or easy.  Transformation, true transformation of you, comes when you are willing to move into that space of discomfort and uncertainty.  Transformational change is about embracing the new, knowing you will come out on top; healthier and lighter in weight for 2013!

Is weight loss not a goal but creating a healthier you is a goal?  The steps are the same to creating vibrant health, weight loss desired or not.

Dive right into the not knowing, the unknown.  Yes, it will be hard at first but the benefits to YOU will be worth the Transformational challenges.

Get moving, change YOU for the better!

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