The Beet Goes On.....

“Beet”  by Robert Samarotto

Queen of the garden

you rise from the poverty of earth

you wound me with your ripening

bringing your sweetness nearer my hunger.

All night — my little bonfire — you keep me awake,

all night I burn in flames of jealousy.

I am suspicious of all your vegetable lovers,

the way they mingle their roots with yours.

Rain washing over you scalds my soul.

Your leaves dancing to the wind drive me mad.

I envy the beetle — the worm — the slug,

vines that creep in the night.

O heart of hearts

listen to my vegetable talk.

Come with me to the cutting board

let me discover your charms — slice by slice.

Leave me with the stain of summer on my hands

– then like Macbeth

will I prepare for a winter’s madness.

I love Beets for the food that they are; for the healing energy they bestow.

Stay tuned for future news and learn more about my beloved Beets.