Gut Health At Nature's Storehouse

Good Gut Health Food

Nature's Storehouse, in Canton, stocks Deep Root Raw Sauerkraut. Raw means the micro-organisms that are good for your gut are still alive! This is akin to "live active cultures" found in good yogurt.   You can buy Deep Root sauerkraut in the store, right out of the cooler.

Nature's Storehouse hosts a Whole Share buy club option:    Through Whole Share, you can order Real Pickles and BAO Raw Slaw brands of raw sauerkraut.  Both companies have other varieties of raw, fermented vegetables and are north-eastern companies!

Deep Root makes a red cabbage kraut and beet/carrot fermented vegetable options.  They are all very yummy and very gut healthy.  Deep Root is not available through the Whole Share but is available through special ordering at Nature's Storehouse.

Your choice, your gut health!

Be well, eat well, glow with good health!  Paula

BAO Raw Slaw