Life's Hurdles

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Paula M. Youmell, RN, MS, CHC

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"Just lift the corner of the clouds and the sun is

ALWAYS shining!"                 Eli Schechter

"Even the best hurdler in the world can't jump the hurdles behind her (or him)!"   Aubyn, Title 9 catalog

Movement Magic

Recently I ran across a book titled, Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.  Being aware of this, probably for my lifetime, I have always stood while working at my computer.  Also, being aware that stagnant standing is hard on the return circulation, I recently added a portable stepper to the computer work station.  Now, keep in mind, I am not racing away on this thing.  Just gentle, slow stepping as I work on newsletters, clients' charts, educational handouts, books.....  This is what I have found:  I feel much better standing.  Sitting for periods of time tends to lock up the hips and lower back (which sends me off to either Shelby Connelly, acupuncturist in Colton or Dr. Klein, chiropractor in Norwood).  Standing is fine, as long as I stop often and do some yoga poses, take a walk through the house, etc.  Standing and slow stepping, with good posture, keeps my body feeling great while working for long periods.  I do still stop for a yoga pose here and there!

Be well, get up and move, your body will thank you!