Happy Birthday, Happy Spring!

Holistic Hugs & Peaceful Blessings!
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"Just lift the corner of the clouds

and the sun is  ALWAYS shining!"                            

 Eli Schechter

Paula digging leeks, 4/16/2013

Photo courtesy of Eli Schechter.  

Thanks Eli!

Happy Birthday, Happy Spring to Me!

Wild leeks are the symbol of spring, in my eyes.  (Yes, the robins in the yard make me happy as well!)

I get excited to think that root veggies and cabbage are on their way out of my diet and in come the wild leeks, dandelions, plantain, local spinach and greens (my garden, perhaps, if I get my butt outside and plant), asparagus... all of the yummy, local, green, spring foods.

Today, my birthday, is usually the first day I get to dig wild leeks each year.  Ah, yes, another year older and wild leeks for dinner.

Does it get any better than this?