Moving Mountains

Whiteface Mountain as I stood atop Esther, peering across the quiet.

Moving Mountains

Every little step you take, up your personal mountain, is one step closer to healing.

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."   ― Was it Narcotics Anonymous or Albert Einstein who said this?  You decide!

If you know what is causing your health problems, how can continuing the same lifestyle habits create any other results?  Healing the body is first about healing the emotions and spirit.  My question is what do we need to address emotionally and spiritually so the physical healing happens?  When we heal the mind, heart, and spirit, the choices for physical healing are so much easier to make and follow through on.

Here are some thoughts, from a friend, who has grabbed a hold of her health condition and lost 20 pounds in 3 months, lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure drastically and has improved her blood sugar almost completely (I tell you these things for encouragement as I know you can do whatever you set your mind to.).  She told me to share these things with clients who are stuck.  She did this through reading a book on whole food eating and followed through with the suggestions.  This is the self talk she created for herself:

  • "Do you want to dig your grave with your teeth?"
  • "Do you want all your body, all your organs, etc. to be a slave to just one part of your body? Your tiny taste buds?"
  • "Do you remember the chemicals the cigarette companies put in cigarettes that got you addicted and caused cancer? Well Kraft, P & G and all these big companies are adding the same types of things to your food "products" to keep you addicted! And eventually it will cause great harm to your health."

"I can go on & on!  It takes 8 days to develop a bad habit and 8 months to get rid of it!"  

That is her words of wisdom I share with you!  

I am here to shake up your world, make you step into the uncertain, where your fears may lie and ask you to address those fears.

Ask yourself this question: Where does my resistance lie in creating my own radiant health?  Finding your answer may just be the key to unlock the door to your path to health and healing.

Start working, today, towards creating new and positive lifestyle habits.

We are all in this together.  What can we do to get you over this mountain?  Many hugs, Paula

Health & Healing Hints

Troubled by reflux?  Gave up coffee because it aggravated the reflux?

If you are missing that "Cup of Joe, your morning java", try this remedy:

Mix together equal parts ginger and cardamom. I then add about 1/2 as much unrefined, sea salt. I put this in a small jar and keep it handy in my silverware drawer, for easy access, of course!  Put a pinch of the salt - spice mix in your cup of coffee.  This blend reduces the acidity of coffee and ends the reflux.

I have clients who also use this blend to sprinkle on tomato based dishes to reduce the acidity and prevent reflux.  Try it on dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, and pizza.

Give it a try; let me know how this works for you.  It is always good to have feedback as I will pass it along to others who are in similar reflux "binds."