Indian Cooking Class

Indian Cooking Class with the Narula's:   

By popular request

Rajiv and Geetika will cook up some 

Vegetarian Indian Food, giving you helpful

hints in the process.  Be watching the

Local Living Venture's website

for this mid-September class details.


Nutritious Delicious!   Cooking Seminar

Creating Favorite Recipes of India with the Narulas!    
Date TBA - stay tuned for a mid-September date! 

Join us in creating these wonderful dishes from India, prepared with Rajiv and Geetika Narula as our volunteer presenters, complimented by local author, educator, and health coach Paula Youmell giving you the skinny on the nutritional value of this traditional "lacto-ovo vegetarian" diet. 

You will LOVE this workshop!

Participants will learn about Indian spicing and cooking techniques while helping to prepare --
and then enjoy! -- some variation on the following recipes:

Fried rice with veggies
A bean dish (Chick peas or Kidney Beans or Lima Beans or Black Beans cooked Indian style)
Two different kinds of vegetable curries, one potato based because it is sooo delicious!
Either Rotis or Chappatis(some version of a flat bread or puffed bread)
Pakoras  or Pooris (vegetables with batter or traditional bread, deep fried
(we may be able to do the baked version of Pakoras as well. It's true, we generally don't push deep fried foods, but it's good to cut loose a little now and then!)
Raita (yogurt cucumber sauce)
Chutney (chunky condiments that usually contain some mixture of spice, vegetable, and/or fruit)
Papad (thin crispy wafer prepared using a bean or rice flour)

Part of a series of seminars from the Local Living Venture covering both basic and advanced culinary skills.

Held seasonally, these sessions are designed to assist those interested in eating "lower on the food chain", more in keeping with the freshness of the season -- and more cheaply as well!           

RSVP is necessary due to limited attendance.  There is a suggested donation of $20, or $7 student.  Scholarships are available when you RSVP.  
Email us -- please include your phone number(s) -- to RSVP for your spot and we will send you the location and other information. 

Co-presented with:       Many thanks to our generous in-kind Sponsor of the Nutritious Delicious series: