Upcoming Workshops at the Yoga Loft

Healthy Eating Brown Bag Lunches...  Two more to go!

a series of interactive workshops, 12noon-1:00pm April dates listed below $10 each or use your class card

Bring your healthy lunch & learn while you eat        RSVP  265-0961

Paula Youmell, Certified Holistic Health Counselor & Coach and author, will focus on the following Healthy Eating topics:

April 23: Natural Foods Know-How. An information session on how to know what foods really are natural and not just marketing. Real food not food hype. April 30: White Sugar Blues. What sugar is, forms of sugars, why so addicting, how sugar is damaging to body, how to butt kick sugar out of your life, ways to add “sweetness” to your life without adding sugar.


Jackie FosterWorkshop Introduction to Ayurveda: Self-Care Practice with Jackie Foster of Saranac Lake May 3, 1:00-3:30pm $25, payable at the door To register, email jackie@roadrunner.com or phone 518-339-3008

Ayurveda is often called the sister science of yoga. It teaches practices for a healthy life-style determined by your unique physical, mental and emotional constitution (Dosha). The afternoon includes:

•Self-assesment to determine your constitution •Daily self-care practices to heal physical/mental/emotional imbalances •Yoga postures and breath work suitable for each constitution •Take home sample of Ayurvedic oil


Margaret MartinWorkshop:  Yoga for Better Bones: Fundamentals of Osteoporosis with Margaret Martin of Ottawa, Ontario May 17, 1:00-3:00pm $30, payable at the door To register, email info@yoga-loft.org or leave a message with Ellie at 315-347-2401

This workshop focuses on osteoporosis fundamentals for yoga teachers and yoga students. Teachers will learn how to support students in stimulating bone strength and preventing injury. Yoga student will be empowered with the knowledge they need to ensure they are practicing Yoga without increasing their risk of a fracture.

Margaret is the recipient of the 2011 Award of Distinction from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario for her achievements with MelioGuide and her significant contributions promoting Osteoporosis education and awareness with her fellow Physiotherapists, her clients and the broader community.