Healthy Eating Brown Bag Lunches at The Yoga Loft

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Healthy Eating Brown Bag Lunches:

A series of interactive workshops, 12 noon-1:00 pm

April dates listed below

$10 each or use your Yoga Loft class card

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To register:, or 315-265-0961                                         (do not use the phone # on the above ad)

Bring your lunch and learn while you eat!

Brown Bag Lunch Healthy Eating topics:

April 2: Whole Foods. What is whole food, why eat it, how to make changes in your life including the why's of eating seasonally and locally, and how eating whole foods will heal your body from the cellular level.

April 9: Divine Weight Loss. Wellness not weight loss in food choices, crowding out mindless eating, adding in healthy options.

April 23: Natural Foods Know-How. An information session on how to know what foods really are natural and not just marketing. Real food not food hype.

April 30: White Sugar Blues. What sugar is, forms of sugars, why so addicting, how sugar is damaging to body, how to butt kick sugar out of your life, ways to add “sweetness” to your life without adding sugar.

Finding the Yoga Loft space:

It is at the new Yoga Loft location, Maple Wood campus on outer State Street, Canton. If you pull in there, you can go either straight or right, once into the "campus". You will see there is a yoga loft sign and arrow pointing to the right, go right. Park in the lot in the front of the main entrance (big awning) and go in the main entrance. The lady at the front desk will graciously point you in the direction of the Yoga Loft space on the 2nd floor.