Naturally Simple Ways to Weigh LESS...

Naturally Simple Ways to Weigh Less

and Live More Every Day of your life!

This is all about re-balancing your body, mind, and spirit to create a vibrantly healthy you... inside and out. So much more than the number on the "scales!"


  1. Feed your soul with primary food.  Friends and family, physical activity, spirituality and a satisfying career feed us. Lack of primary food creates over-reliance on secondary, edible food.
  2. Drink water. Most people are chronically dehydrated. We often mistake thirst for hunger. If you feel hungry between meals, drink a glass of water before giving into cravings. Limit liquid calories from soda, juice, sports drinks and “enhanced” waters.  Stick with nature made!
  3. Eat a plant-rich diet. Plant foods are typically lower in calories and higher in fiber than meat, dairy and processed foods, while providing loads of essential nutrients.  Purchase your animal products from farmers who raise the food in a natural manner; healthy and naturally balanced foods make for a healthy, naturally balanced human. Make certain you do get enough fat and protein in your daily diet to satisfy hunger, appetite, and nutritional needs for YOU.  Each of our needs is different!
  4. Chew your food well. Digestion begins in the mouth. By thoroughly chewing your food, your body will better assimilate nutrients; you will also slow down your eating. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that it is full. By slowing your eating, you’ll feel full, satisfied, and better nourished on less food.  More nutrients in each cell mean a healthier body!
  5. Eat real food; avoid processed, packaged foods. Avoid products with high-fructose corn syrup or a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. (Reduce or eliminate refined sugars from your diet; glucose, fructose, any “oses”.) Packaged and convenience foods tend to be highly processed, lacking the nutrients your body needs, and are often loaded with empty calories. Avoid artificial sweeteners.  Avoid refined sweeteners, even stevia products.

If you have attended my workshops or been supported by me as a client:  Remember the cellular health information from the Whole Food slide show?  Feed your cells well!  Need to experience this workshop? Join me and the Local Living Venture on Thursday, September 25th for the start of the Whole Health and Healing Academy!  

A few more tips for balancing mind, body, and soul weight.

  1. Eat raw foods:  raw fruits & veggies, raw nuts and seeds, raw nut & seed butters.  Raw foods are rich in nutrients that are not altered by the heat of cooking and provide natural enzymes needed in the body for many processes including digestion.
  2. Eating enough healthy fats and protein to satisfy your appetite and your body’s nutritional needs:  choose naturally raised animal products for protein and fat and the omega 3's found in naturally raised meat, eggs and dairy products, wild salmon, avocados, walnuts, raw nuts and seeds.
  3. Eat breakfast. Skipping meals causes your blood sugar levels to peak and dip, affecting your energy and moods. It can also cause overeating later on because you’re so hungry.  With this said, listen to your own body and what you know works for you.  Some people do much better without breakfast and have no problems with the rebound overeating later in the day.  Be conscious of you and your needs. I can personally admit I am not a breakfast eater.  I get hungry by 11 AM or so. I listen and follow my body's requests for food.
  4. Eat mindfully. Turn off the TV. Get away from the computer. Sit down and savor the food you are eating with no distractions.  Eat from a space of unconditional self-love!
  5. Get moving. Do any type of physical activity every day. Find movement or exercise you enjoy.
  6. Get outside.  Your body needs fresh air and natural light.  You will create life long health benefits!
  7. Sleep, rest and relax. Breath work creates relaxation, slow down & breathe deeply.  Ask me for my educational handout on breath work.  When you are sleep-deprived or stressed, your body will crave energy, causing cravings for sugary snacks and caffeine as an energy boost.
  8. Schedule fun time. Boredom and stress can lead to overeating. Make sure to take time to laugh, play and participate in activities that bring you joy.
  9. Find a mindfulness practice and use it every day. (Yoga, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Meditation, Prayer...)


PS  Just a reminder about the Whole Health & Healing Academy that starts Thursday, September 25th. Join us to create vibrant health in your life!

Gluten-Free Cooking & Living Class

Gluten Free Class Offered through Local Living Venture DSC00874

Gluten Free Valentine's Cake, see recipe below.

POTSDAM, NY -- The idea of "gluten free" is being talked about everywhere lately, and many people find that they are unable to tolerate the proteins found in gluten-containing grains, or just feel a lot better when they eliminate them from the diet.  Because of the need for basic, solid information on this subject, the Local Living Venture is presenting another in their series of "Nutritious Delicious" cooking seminars entitled ""Gluten Free Eating and Living" on on Thursday, February 27th in Potsdam, NY.

If you are curious about Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance or are wondering about going gluten free, it may all seem overwhelming. This informative session with local nutrition educator Paula Youmell, R.N. will give attendees the lay of the land from both a practical cooking discussion and demonstration to the very important health perspective.  Plus, attendees will help make, and then sample, some gluten-free whole foods.

Topics to be discussed include:  the basics of a gluten free diet; how to do it in a healthy and easy manner; how to avoid hidden gluten and cross contamination; and, cleaning out the kitchen of gluten products.  Many resources will also be shared for follow up.

Presenter Paula Youmell is an R.N., Certified Health Education and Lifetime Wellness/Fitness Teacher who has worked in the areas of holistic health, healing and whole foods for twenty-plus years.  Youmell is currently proprietor of Hands On Health Holistic Healing ( and has co-presented several seminars in this Nutritious Delicious series, including "How-To Cook Beans & Grains" and the "Baking with Whole Foods" classes.

The Local Living Venture (LLV) sponsors workshops promoting traditional rural and simple living skills with the motto "Sharing Knowledge from the Past - Building Skills for the Future."   A listing of upcoming resourceful living workshops and events are on the Workshop Schedule page at   New topics and local workshop presenters are always sought and welcome.

Co-sponsoring the event is the Potsdam Food Coop at 24 Elm St., Potsdam, NY  They strive to provide a pleasant shopping experience and working environment, with an emphasis on education, shared information and developing a relationship with the community. The Co-op ( carries local, natural and healthful foods and is open to the public (no membership required) from 8 a.m to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

Class size is limited so attendees must RSVP for the location in Potsdam, NY.  To register contact or (315) 347-4223 with your name(s), phone numbers, and number in party.  The class fee is a suggested donation of $15 per person, $5 for students. Partial scholarships are available upon request.

Cake Recipe (all ingredients are organic and grass fed, naturally raised)

Keep in mind I made this in my usual "throw stuff in a bowl and hope for the best" method.  Amounts are approximate based upon my throwing in the bowl and eyeballing the amounts.

2 eggs

1 cup milk

½ cup butter

1/3 cup unrefined cane juice sugar

1 tbsp. vanilla

3 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 tbsp. baking powder (I use a larger quantity because I do not use the fluffy fillers that most gluten free products use: potato & tapioca starch, white rice flour.  These filler ingredients are all refined foods and deplete body cell health.)

½ tsp. baking soda

¼ tsp. unrefined sea salt

100% whole grain, gluten-free flour mix - this was millet, amaranth, quinoa, teff and buckwheat that I ground just before making the cake.  Any gluten-free grain will do.  Certified gluten-free oat flour is great if you want to replicate a "normal" cake. Start with 1 1/4 cups of whole grain, gluten free flour.  Add as described below and let set for the 5-10 minutes.  Add more to make thicker if needed.  Cake batter is runnier than cookie or muffin batter.  Stir and use best judgement on the consistency.

1.  Mix wet ingredients and beat together well.  I melt the butter first and use a little bit to butter the cake pan.

2.  Add dry ingredients on top of wet and mix them in well.  Start with 1 cup of the flour.  When every ingredient is mixed together, set the bowl aside for 5-10 minutes.  Whole grain flour soaks up liquid.  It is easier to add more flour, a little at a time, than to try and add more liquid.

3.  Check batter consistency after 5-10 minutes.  If too runny for cake, add a bit more flour and check again in a few minutes.  Batter is ready when it is at the consistency of cake batter.  Not sure what that means?  Well, runnier than cookies or muffins but a bit thicker than pan cakes.  That is my best explanation, play in the kitchen and these things become second nature.

4.  I baked in my 6" round, 2 1/2" deep Pyrex bowl to make a small cake.

5.  Bake at 350 F for about 40 minutes or until knife comes out clean.

6.  Allow to cool for 30 minutes or so and remove from baking dish.

7.  Allow to cool completely.  Slice in 1/2 to fill between layers.  Fill and top with other half of cake & frost.

Frosting (again, all organic and from naturally raised, grass fed animals)

1/2 pint heavy cream

1 package Neufchatel cheese (lower fat, higher protein cream cheese)

3 tbsp. maple syrup

1 tbsp. vanilla extract

1.  Blend all frosting ingredients together until thick like frosting.

2.  Separate into 2 bowls, 1/2 frosting in each bowl.

3.  Add grape juice or black cherry juice concentrate to make the frosting pink.  I added about 1/4 cup of the concentrate (do NOT reconstitute this concentrate).

4.  I used the fruit juice colored frosting to fill between the layers and make the heart on top.