NYS Grass Fed Butter

Ok, so the butter was not fed the grass but the cows giving the cream were! cows


Cows, living life big, at the Kriemhild Farm, Hamilton, NY


As I have recommended using butter from grass fed cows and was only exposed to the Kerry Gold of Ireland... a conscientious Northern NY gal gently nudged me in the direction of this butter and NYS dairy.

Kriemhild Dairy Butter is available at the Potsdam Food Coop, Potsdam, NY and through Wholeshare ordering with Nature's Storehouse, Canton, NY.

Kriemhild Dairy's multi-generational family farms are nestled in the verdant hills of New York State steeped in the tradition of dairy farming and production. Over a century of dairy farming experience and local, small batch production are the hallmarks of Kriemhild Dairy Farms.


Butter Ingredients: Sweet Cream from grass fed cows

Handmade and packed in small batches. This butter has more sweet cream so the butter has a higher fat content, typically over 85%.

"Our sweet cream, European style Meadow Butter is churned slowly and finished at a low level of moisture resulting in a rich flavorful butter. The higher fat content (85%) is coveted by chefs for its unique cooking properties. The butter is made throughout the grass growing season while our cows are grazing on high quality pastures, consuming the most nutritious mix of grasses. Since our cows graze seasonally you’ll see a range of colors from a deep golden color in the spring to a pale yellow in the fall. We do not add any other ingredients other than sweet cream from our grass fed milk and salt (except for the unsalted of course!). There are no trans fats in our natural butter. In fact, since our butter is made with milk from grass fed cows, it has a higher level of omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA's), the good fats our bodies need to digest nutrients."

There are no preservatives in this unsalted butter. Kriemhild Dairy Farms strongly recommends that customers only keep out (refrigerated) what will be used in 2-4 weeks and leave the rest frozen.

Product of New York State  (and that is a good thing!)