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Functional Medicine - Health Education Hour Consultations. We work together to get to the root causes of your health concerns & symptoms. You will be supported with Natural Health/Functional Medicine Lifestyle changes. You use the support to weave your own vibrant health. Each Hour Consult Includes: 

  • pre-appointment review of your health history forms & current lab work,

  • follow up email with attached educational hand-outs to,

  • 2 week email Q & A Support related to our current session together.

  • Labwork review, beyond the most current appointment's information, will be charged at the $85/hr rate

  • Initial appointment is $100 as of September 16th, 2019. Follow up appointments $85.

Getting to the root causes of health issues is a lifestyle commitment, taken one step at a time. This is generally not a one appointment processSelf Healing will take Work & Time, true Lifestyle Medicine. We pack much information into each session making the process as streamlined as possible without overwhelm.

Lifestyle Medicine is personal transformation on your physical-emotional-spiritual healing path.

Home Visits / Office Policies    Sessions available in person, via phone, and Nature walks are an option. Movement outside is Lifestyle Medicine.

Health History Forms

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