Straining cell & bone building medicinal infusion tea.

Straining cell & bone building medicinal infusion tea.

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Custom Products + Health Education Sessions For Maximum Self Healing Impact

As a practicing RN Herbalist, I create custom products for your self healing support. You can purchase products that I already created and I am happy to custom create herbal products for your specific needs. 

Health and healing is created through lifestyle habits. Herbal products are enhancers to lifestyle change.  You cannot rely on herbs to fix broken lifestyle habits. Weave herbs into your lifestyle medicine with a consult that supports lifestyle changes to enhance the herbs & products you use.

To best serve your health needs, I offer product consultations. You receive a 1 hour consultation about lifestyle habits you need to adopt to enhance the ability of the product to work for you. Session price based upon product price plus 1 hour session. Session includes:

  • 1 hour lifestyle consult with me

  • Herbal product: ointment, tincture, herb tea blend, face cream...

  • Follow up email with educational material to enhance your learning

Available Products**:

  • Voluptuous V Vaginal Ointment for comfort during Menopausal Years and makes for great glide at any age. .

  • 40+ Face Fix Cream in Regular & Sun Kissed Outdoor Girl Formulas for reviving our facial and neck skin cells as we age with grace, humor, and gratitude.

  • SkinFlammation SOOTHE Herbal Ointment for soothing skin irritations, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, bug bits & stings.

  • Fertility Herbal Tincture for enhancing the function of the female reproductive years.

  • Zit Zapper Herbal Tincture for supporting the liver and skin during teenage, or any age, years.

  • Medicinal Infusion blends (herbal teas) custom formulated for your specific needs with written instructions on how to prepare and use at home.

**The possibility to create custom blended medicinal tinctures, infusions (herbal teas), and ointments is unlimited. Let me know your health concerns and we can custom create something for you.

Tinctures take 1 month to prepare. I can schedule your consultation appointment 1 month out and create the formula for you OR I can schedule you in my next available opening and we can create the formula while you are here. You take the formula home with you and strain it to use in 1 month's time. I can also custom blend herbs for you to use in a medicinal infusion form (tea) until your tincture is ready.