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Lemon Water for detox sipping all day,

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A Spring detox dinner dish: This dish contains sauteed asparagus, wild leeks, and fiddle head ferns. I then added chopped roasted red peppers, black olives, and chives (both onion & garlic chives). I have often added lightly sauteed dandelion greens and flowers and/or rhubarb in bites size pieces. The rhubarb can also be added in as a raw ingredient. This blend of amazing Spring food is full of deep, natural nutrition; vital life force energy, roughage, and so many other constituents that we don't even know exist (and it does not matter, sometimes Nature's mysteries are best left that way and just honored). All of this together creates a powerful liver, colon, gall bladder, and cellular health cleaning / nourishing edible gift from Nature.







Detox Nourish Eating

The topic of eating to support the organs of detox is a fun one for me. Why? Ah, great question! I find it very empowering to know there is so much we can do to create health, prevent disease, and restore health to our bodies when symptoms of ill health have seemingly settled in.

Enjoy the slide show video on this self-healing and empowering topic.

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Comments, Questions & Answers


Question Segment #1

I have had several questions and if 1 person asks... valuable information for all! 

1. Is sugar Ok on detox diet? 

No. Sugar depletes cellular health, is hard on the liver and glandular health, and directly feeds cancer cells. 

2. Is meat ok?

Yes and no. Never easy answers! If the meat is pasture raised and your farmer is not feeding the animals antibiotics and steroids or factory made feed... ok.

Meat, eggs, dairy are concentrated sources of animal fat and protein. These foods take more work for your body to digest. Plant based foods are easier to digest and leave more digestive fire for the work of detoxing. Well chewed food is also easier on digestion and your body as a whole.

There are practitioners who will tell you that a 100% plant based diet is essential for detoxing. You have to take in information and use it in a manner that is best for you on your path in life. 

A 100% whole food diet from animals and plants raised in a biologically natural manner by farmers who practice sustainable farming methods and all food would be more nourishing for our cellular health. Adding in seasonally specific detoxing foods, tea infusions, and liver flushes would be the icing on the cake... so to speak. Of course, no sugar in that cake or icing!  

From this dashboard's welcome page: 

Remember: Take everything you learn in life into yourself, contemplate it, and use it in the manner that best serves you. Create your own truths for your personal healing journey.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who say it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense."                              Buddha

We are all teachers and students in this game of life. 

3. Parasite cleansing... how does this work?

Using a parasite formula take the recommended tablets or capsules 3 times daily for 10 days on, then 10 days off, then 10 more days on. Total days 30.

I always take the herbal formula for 30 days straight to avoid forgetting.

Some foods that are friendly for parasite removal on a daily basis: pumpkin seeds, garlic & onions, wild leeks, dandelion & burdock root (they promote bile release and bile kisses parasites goodbye), papaya & pomegranate seeds (I know, not local), horseradish, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cayenne & hot peppers, & whole food diet (heard that before?).

Make certain your having daily, healthy bowel movements before starting a parasite formula. Killing parasites off causes waste products (toxins). You want your colon effectively removing things daily.

*Parasite cleanse BEFORE doing your detox nourishment. You want to wash those bugs right out of your gut after killing them off. 

4. Coffee enemas - what's the deal with these?

Good article from Dr. David Jockers for further study: https://thetruthaboutcancer...

5. And last but not least... as soon as I posted the class materials on Wednesday I popped over to my email and had this blog post on liver cleansing in my inbox from a naturopathic physician I subscribe to:

Just good info to share. Ask questions, leave comments, let me know how I can best support your health restoration needs, Paula


Question Segment #2

Q: Would the proper order for cleansing be:
1) Colon Cleanse
2) Parasite Cleanse
Then Detox Nourishment?
I have been eating whole foods and no sugar for two months but because I haven’t done a cleanse for a number of years I feel I should do so now.

P.S. My clothing and rings are loose and I have lost 13 pounds – and more importantly I have increase energy and much less joint pain!

A:  Yes to the order of doing things.

Continue to use a colon cleansing herbal formula (capsule, tablet, or infusion tea) throughout all phases IF needed to prevent constipation.

Congrats to you on kissing sugar goodbye, embracing whole foods, and the weight loss!  Amazing how these simple acts (or seemingly simple) help us to restore health quickly: weight loss, goodbye aches & pains, gut health re-balancing, lower cholesterol & blood pressure, adrenal stress reduced... the healthy impact list goes on & on.

Thanks for asking a helpful question that everyone benefits from.

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