Divine Weight Loss

Weight problems plaque modern life and increase inflammation in the body.

The issues contributing to weight problems are multi-faceted and cross the borders of mind, body, and soul health.

Embrace this one week course to learn how to create body weight re-balancing for life by focusing on wellness in mind, body, and spirit. You will learn:

  • whole food choices for mind, body & spirit,
  • how to crowd out mindless eating while
  • adding in healthy options,
  • discover the divine in you that thrives without food addictions, and
  • 4 weeks of specific actions to take to bring your weight into natural balance for you.





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I LOVED the Divine Weight Loss class!  Thank you so much gifting me with the opportunity to take a real look at myself.  The class did exactly as I intended it to do - it brought me back to my roots and back to the basics.  I have been lying to myself as far as eating whole foods.  I do eat healthy for the most part, but I really had to get honest with myself.  I need to get back to eating locally and eating foods in season!  Your class gave me the motivation and inspiration to slow down, become aware of my posture and my relationship with food.  You provided a balanced platform to build upon.  This class is well rounded in spirit, mind, body, and soul.  Thank you!! You provide a great deal of information, love, and truth for everyone if they truly want to "LISTEN" to what you have to say.  You help people to go deep and find the roots of their eating habits.  Your passion for true health and wellness is weaved intricately within this course, and it is that passion that is contagious!  I highly recommend this class!                                                                                                                       Deb Miller of Earth Rhythm Wellness     315-528-1069







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