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Comments, Questions & Answers

1. Herb Doc.

Well nourished cells do not develop disease and well nourished cells repair from disease.

Well nourished cells function at top metabolic rate for your body and do not put on or hang onto body weight when we eat whole and eat only what we need.

There Really IS a Fountain Of Youth

2.  A great question  I might add but then, are not all questions asked in the spirit of learning & growing, great questions?    : )

Have you ever struggled with your weight; had issues around food, your body, etc? 

When I received this question it was like synchronicity. I had just had an hour long conversation with an amazing local woman, looking for help with her weight, wanting to take this class, but unsure of the content and how it would be of help to her. Then poof, this question in my inbox.

Answer: Hell yeah people! The best teachers are ones who have experienced the issues and can teach from a space of inner wisdom. No two journeys are the same but we can sure share, support, and learn from each other.

Reader's Digest version of the story (I will try to be brief, honest, and useful with info.)

In my late 20s into early 30s I found myself gaining weight, subtly and insidiously. I (and my sisters) was/were always super thin no matter what I/we ate. The sisters started calling me Nanny with the Fanny. Siblings can be so biting cruel. My concern and deep fear was the 20 pounds in 5 years would then be 40 pounds in 10 years and where would it stop, why was it happening, how could I stop it?... on & on mind babble.

Things I tried in effort to lose weight:

  • Juice fasts for 2 weeks at a time, yup, you read that correctly. Beer was ok as it is liquid, fermented barley juice!  The Diets I Have Tried
  • Guarana, Yohimbe, & Ma Huang (ephedra) based supplements... those diet aids I talk about at the beginning of the slide show. They worked both times I used them, the weight melted off in 6 weeks or so. What I was not doing was changing my eating habits and post revving up on crazy herbs the weight found me again. I think this is yo-yo dieting.
  • Vegan eating: plant based diet is the healthiest, correct? Now I did not start eating vegan for weight loss but it is when the insidious weight started creeping in. I know now the two were connected. I was not a junk food vegetarian/vegan. 100% whole foods, beans & grains soaked & low heat cooked in a thermos, lots of seasonal veggies, nut butters of every variety on organic - 100% whole grain bread. The high carbohydrate diet of vegan eating left me feeling hungry very often and eating constantly to deal with blood sugar ups and downs.
  • Manic exercising: every day I lifted weights for 1 hour, ran 4-15 miles, and either hiked / xc skied / biked / swam / or kayaked canoed for long distances. Yup, every day.
  • Attempted high protein diet which was difficult as vegan. So, added in cheese, yogurt, & eggs.
  • Dreams of escaping to Canyon Ranch for a month of someone else controlling what went into my mouth. If I wasn't eating constantly I would lose weight, right? Of course I would sneak pack in some whole food snacks, just in case...
  • There was probably more but my mind is forgetting.

What I finally did that worked (this was not a one time event or a magic bullet but more like a cascade of events, a symphony of sorts, that helped me to figure things out and get back to my natural body size:

  • Nope, did not go to Canyon Ranch. Too expensive and the only time I had a month off was summer as a public school teacher. Who, in their right mind, would leave Northern NY in the summer? So many mountains to climb, bodies of water to swim...
  • Hypnotherapy for sugar addiction: this was not my idea but have a girlfriend who wanted to try it and the hypnotherapist gave us a 2 for 1 1/2 price deal. My oldest son was an infant at the time and attended both sessions so it was 3 for 1 1/2 price. He does not grapple with sugar like his younger brother. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.
  • Got pregnant. Ok, I know this is not the greatest weight loss trick in the book but hear me out. As a vegan pregnant momma I wanted protein. This is when I added local, pasture raised animal protein and fat back into my diet. Protein and fat made me feel satiated, goodbye constant hunger and high carb eating.
  • One year after Jake was born I stopped manic exercising, borrowed an awesome yoga book from the Potsdam library, and bought a mat. I gave up weight lifting for yoga and never looked back. Yoga has been a gift in the centering of myself to effortlessly make healing choices in my life. Why I Love Yoga And Other Thoughts On Whole Food, Whole Health Healing
  • Stopped weighing myself 6, or more, times a day. Yoga helped me let go of this obsession and I tossed out the scales and paid attention to the way my body fit and felt in my clothes and my skin.
  • Had many laughs at my crazy food antics, stresses, etc. over the years. What a waste of precious life and life force energy! Life is short; live from a space of joy and fun.
  • Stopped eating sugar. Sugar, in as whole food form as it can be, is only for true holidays and birthdays... not an every day or even every week habit (probably not an every month habit).

I will stop here and not reveal all of my crazy secrets. Some things have to be sacred!

Have faith in you and your body to heal when given what it needs, what nature intended it to have to nurture and bath every cell in true life giving nourishment. When we return to natural choices, the imbalances that have us caught up in making unhealthy choices (i.e.: sugar loving microbes in the gut out numbering the bugs that are supposed to be there keeping us healthy in body, mind, and spirit), re-balance themselves and our bodies heal. Weight loss, weight re-balancing, is part of this healing energy.

Thanks for the great question. Bless you all on your journey to wholeness, Paula

3. Words of wisdom from Trillium Yoga studio, this AM's synchronicity!  06 February 2016

yoga for health choices.JPG

4. Love this picture. Deep peace within, alignment with our true self, holds the key to balance in life and healing (including body weight re-balancing).

Peace yoga pose.jpg


5. Suzanne Somers' trick to get rid of gut bugs that crave sugar (Yes this is more for the Sugar course but sugar is such a weight issue and excess weight is a cancer issue):



Funeral for my fat book image.JPG

6. I find this gal's Movement Magic inspiring:

 A Funeral For My Fat: My Journey to Lay 100 Pounds To Rest









6. Sent with deep love for deep thought. 

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