Paula's Educational Resume


Traditional Education: 

  • K-12th Brasher Falls Central School (St. Lawrence Central), Brasher Falls, NY
  • Associate’s Degree Registered Nurse, SUNY Canton, NY
  • Bachelor’s Degree Health Education, SUNY Cortland, NY
  • Master’s Degree Physical Education: Wellness and Fitness Promotion, Syracuse University, NY

90% of my Registered Nursing experience was in Women & Maternal-Child Health; working with women in all stages of life to transform female health and energy. I bring this knowledge and experience to my Female Healing Classes, my Voluptuous V Feminine Care Product, and my online courses ♀ Moon School.



My Natural, Wise Woman Nurse®, Health Education & Training: 

Functional Medicine Course Work:

  • DisEase 101 & DisEase 202
  • Labwork 101 & Labwork 202 
  • Supplements/Nutrients 101 & 202
  • The Mind-Body Connection and the Placebo Effect
  • Cancer: What Every Health Coach Needs to Know
  • Adrenal and Thyroid: Myths and Truths
  • Disease Begins in the Gut 101
  • Depression and Anxiety Solutions
  • The Science of Fertility: Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant
  • Cellular Metabolism: How and Why We Feel Energetic (or Not)

Professional Memberships: