Food As Your Healing Tool

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Food is the basis of your body's health. Food is the bricks and mortar for building vibrant health and longevity. Learning healthy eating habits will stop inflammatory damage that leads to diseases, cancer, and decreased life span. This course is the foundational, bricks & mortar course for all other courses I teach and for the start of your personal health & healing / weight loss plan.

Dive your fork & knife into this TWO week course to discover the world of whole foods, real foods, and how they feed your cellular health for anti-inflammatory health and living!   You will learn:

  • Week 1 Whole Food Eating: The Whats and Whys of Real Food. What is real and why do I need to be eating it. You will learn how food affects your cellular health which, in turn, impacts and affects every system in your body to either be diseased                                                                                                                                       or healthy. Walk this path with me to vibrant health!
                    That       vs.     This

                    That       vs.     This

Navigating the World of Real Food, food labels, and food ingredients for vibrant health. 

Learning how to closely scrutinize the world of natural foods. Eating whole with what is offered in natural food stores and the health food sections of grocery stores. 

  • Bonus Information: Cooking like a Kitchen Artist  Handout for simplifying the real food work week with seasonal, whole food eating.

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Home study courses are on a love inspired, donation based, honor system of pay what you can honestly invest based upon your current financial status. I am very open to individual requests on pricing that works for your budget. The main goal is to share healing information in a way that is affordable by all. If you have a tuition investment that seems better suited to your budget, give me a shout. I can create a personal link just for you.



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