Food As Your Healing Tool

Food As Your Healing Tool

This weeks module will entice you to eat healthy, whole foods 100% of the time. This first slide show video is the foundation for your learning in The School of Self Healing and the foundation for you learning to heal your body.

Use these mantras in all your eating and lifestyle choices: 

"Is this best for my wellness?"

"Is this best for my cellular health?"

The attached PDF file is to reinforce the slide show videos. If you have my book, you may have reviewed this information. Different learning styles learn in different ways so I have provided audio and written.

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Food As Your Healing Tool PDF File



Happy eating and remember... "Is this best for MY wellness, my cellular health?!"


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Comments, Questions & Answers


1. This was written by a naturopath I trained under: Dr. Schulze, the Herb Doc. 

Why I teach people that the food you feed your body cells with does make all of the difference.

Well nourished cells do not develop disease and well nourished cells repair from disease.

2.  Question 4/6/2016:

What are your thoughts on GMO foods?

My thoughts: I avoid GMO foods for obvious health reasons. Many diseases are helped tremendously by getting GMO foods out of the diet. By following a whole food diet you are avoiding packaged foods that are loaded with GMO foods (soy, corn, canola... and the list goes on & on). Knowing where your food is coming from (local farmers rock the world) and how your farmer raises the food using non-GMO seeds prevents buying foods that you have no idea if they are tainted or not.

The safety of GMO foods is very questionable at best.



3.  How Processed Foods Wreak Havoc on Your Health


4. A quick question I received:

"I have not entered the seasonal eating pattern, Paula. Any quick tips for getting to this space of eating?"

My thoughts:

Take the information I have shared in the video slide shows as well as the PDF file and work at it in increments. 

Re-introduce yourself to the foods that grow in each season by frequenting farmer's markets and farm stands all spring, summer, and fall. Watch the changing face of the available produce at local farm stands. (make note of farmers who have green houses that can extend the seasons. We have a local farmer who starts tomato and cucumber plants in February in a wood stove heated greenhouse. By the middle or end of May there are both fruits on their farm stand. This is very early for both tomatoes and cucumbers so skews the "normal" growing season in one's mind).

Find a produce seasonal chart for your area of the country and use it to remind yourself what is typically growing and available in your area each season (and each month in the rapid growth season - summer in Northern NY).

Attached is a seasonal chart for Northern NY. I would print this out and add much more to it as it certainly does not cover all available seasonal produce. It is a great place to start learning!

Was that a short answer?  : )  Hope it helps and remember... change does not have to happen over night. Be kind to yourself and learn and grow at a pace that makes your heart and soul sing.

Eating with the Seasons in Northern NY State PDF file


5. For your loving self-care support










6. Label Reading info on expiration dates / packaged foods


7.  I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. (This is a concern I have been asked about 5 times in the last 2 weeks.) Can you explain what whole food eating will do for this and maybe specific foods to help lower high blood pressure? My doctor told me diet had nothing to do with my having high blood pressure and would do nothing to reduce it, outside of avoiding sodium which I do anyhow.

A. Your food intake has much to do with your body's display of health or illness. If you eat 100% nourishing whole foods you will be fortifying your body to function at top notch wellness vs. feed your body junk, sugar, packaged foods, etc. and you are constantly degenerating individual cell health and unltimately overall body health.  Your cells, organs, organ systems, and you as a whole (holistic health) become malnourished and degenerate and disease is the outcome. The symptoms you display, your disease, depend upon your nutritional deficiencies and your genetics. The genetics did not cause the health problem, your lifestyle did.  Blog post explaining this genetics stuff:

MORE Blood Pressure Info:   

  • When you gain a pound of fat, your body makes seven new miles of blood vessels. This means your body must work harder to pump blood through all of these extra new vessels, which may put a strain on your heart, and reduce oxygenation and nutrient replenishment in other tissues. Fortunately, if you lose a pound, your body will break down and re-absorb the now unnecessary vessels.
  • Look at your body weight and body composition (You can look thin but your body composition is high in adipose tissue, fat.)  Each pound of extra body fat (in your muscles, surrounding your organs, and as visible body fat under the skin) requires an additional 7 miles of blood vessels to supply blood, nutrients, and oxygen to just that one pound of body fat. The is a lot of work for your heart to pump blood through. 10 pounds of extra fat is 700 miles of work for your heart. Let this thought roll through your head when you reach for cookies, donuts, and other non whole foods.

This is from a dr. Mercola article:

  • This is so important to know, think about, and use as information to re-evaluate every time you think to eat sugary foods.  Losing weight, handling stress more positively (getting rid of stressors OR changing the way your perceive stress and react to it, acting positvely to handle the situation instead of reacting out of emotions, frustration, irritation, anger, etc.), and getting quality sleep will all help to decrease your blood pressure. The stress and sleep issues, handled and changed in a self loving way, will aid in weight loss. All win-win situations.
  • Ways to bring blood pressure down while you are in the process of reshaping your body and losing those extra miles of blood vessels: Calming yoga and meditation OR some other form of mind/body/spirit movement. I attached a handout on body awareness exercising.
  • Also, learning reiki and doing reiki treatments on yourself. This is a very meditative action and yet is not the sitting quietly and trying to empty all thoughts form your head. Progressive muscle relaxation is another nice relaxation technique and how I got into yoga 25+ years ago.There are many good websites with mp3 recordings or youtubes. Once you learn the steps of workng from your toes to your head, you can do without any recording just your own gentle muscle relaxation action. 


Moving your body  is an amazing way to enhance all areas of your health and lifestyle, sculp body shape and size, sleep better, and reduce stress and blood pressure. Click the link to remind yourself and maybe learn new reasons why moving everyday is good for you.

And, on the salt issue, Dr. Frank Lipman has a great blog post that I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. I will say, I do love my unrefined, Himalayan Sea Salt.



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