Getting To Fat Of Matter: Proteins, Carbs, & Fat

Have fun expanding your knowledge of Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. Remember to listen to your body's inner wisdom. Take all you learn and mix it up with common sense and inner wisdom to create meals and a healing lifestyle that best suits your unique needs.

Your pdf booklet for further learning and some tasty recipes: 

Getting To The Fat Of The Matter PDF File

For more recipes: 

1. Check out the recipe link on my website. I will be adding more recipes as time and inspiration permit.

2. Go to my blog page and type in "recipes" in the search box.


Information on the importance of chewing:

5 Reasons Chewing IS The Most Important Part Of Eating & Digestion

Chewing For Weight Loss


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Comments, Questions & Answers

Question 1: 

Q: Have you heard of eating different ways based upon your blood type? And do you think there is any validity to this?

A: Yes, I think the book you are referring to is Eat Right For Your Blood Type.  In my years of working with people in health care, I can honestly say that there is no one right way to eat. I see people thrive on vegan/vegetarian diets and those who just do not. I see people who seem to thrive this way for a short period of time in their lives and then start struggling with health issues. Biochemically we have different needs around foods and all cultural nourishing traditions recognize this. 


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