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FUN Bonus for your Gluten Free week!

This was video recorded in February 2015. I am leaving it for this update as it is a great reminder of how we can create alternative food solutions to give us whole food & gluten free versions of things we love to eat. Enjoy.

Whole Food's Importance To Our Body Cells, Prevention Of Disease, & Health Restoration

Click on the YouTube video image below to go to a 12 1/2 minute video I made to quickly explain why whole foods are what feeds cellular health for vibrancy and longevity.


Alessio Fasano, MD on Gluten, Intestinal Permeability, Zonulin, and Auto-Immune Diseases.

This man's accent is harsh, listen with good ears as his information around gluten and health conditions is well worth the struggle with the accent. Questions? As always please ask. If you question something, others do as well and we all can learn together.

Alessio Fasano, MD:   Unlocking the Connection Between Intestinal Permeability and Autoimmune Disease

Alessio Fasano, MD: Unlocking the Connection Between Intestinal Permeability and Autoimmune Disease


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Comments, Questions & Answers

1.  PS The whole grain, gluten free breads from Little Stream Bakery need to be toasted more than once: I toast on high 3 to 4 times to get toasty toast. 

The butter does not soak into whole grain breads well. I lightly butter to get the melted butter effect then when toast cools enough I add slices of butter.  Cheers!

2. 6/28/2016   A friend in health & healing... out in California sent me this documentary information this AM.

I have not watched yet, but... because the free viewing is up in 2 days, I am passing it along... gut health imperative!

Update 11/12/2016:  I have now watched this. I have the dvd if anyone local wants to borrow.

Click and go to the page to purchase the digital version. You can click around to buy the hard copy as well.

Click and go to the page to purchase the digital version. You can click around to buy the hard copy as well.

3.  Dr. Mercola's take on modern wheat issues:

How Gluten and Modern Food Processing Contribute to Poor Health


4. Another resource, book,  that explains Leaky Gut Syndrome (Increased Intestinal Permeability is the medical term) very well:

5.  A resource article for further learning I received in an email today:

1. Celiac Disease Diet: Foods, Tips & Products to Avoid  (D. Axe, the Eat Dirt Doc!)

I highly recommend the above dirt book. We are led to believe that intestinal and auto-immune diseases are something we have to suffer with and try to control for life. We are amazing healing beings. Our bodies heal if we give them what they need and get rid of the problems that are harming our bodies. 

6. An article from on pesticides and gut health / whole body health:

  • According to the USDA, more than half of all foods tested last year had detectable levels of pesticide residues, but most, they claim, are within the “safe” range. However, foods are NOT tested for glyphosate residues
  • Glyphosate has been shown to severely damage your gut flora and cause chronic diseases rooted in gut dysfunction. Pesticides and herbicides are also known to disrupt your neurological, brain health, and endocrine systems
  • Your best bet is to buy only organic fruits and vegetables, as synthetic agricultural chemicals are not permissible under the USDA organic rules

Dr. Mercola's take on modern wheat issues:

How Gluten and Modern Food Processing Contribute to Poor Health


7. An article on gluten free:

My first thought when I read the article title is "oh, here we go... this is going to be a bullshit article ragging on about the hype of gluten free and all of the fools falling prey to gluten free's potential healing help."

Hah! I was nicely surprised. 

What I can tell you (as I am no better than my clients really. I stumble, fall, think a little bit of gluten in my diet is ok, blah blah blah blah blah!)

I have been "mostly" gluten free for years. I have psoriasis and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that gluten is a huge issue in psoriasis (and any auto-immune issue) and then... dun da dun, if you eat gluten with one auto immune, you eventually trigger another auto immune issue (IBS, crohns, thyroid issues, adrenal issues.... holy cow, you do not want me to rattle on about this!). I so know this functional medicine healing crap (and am so glad for it and will dive deeper & learn more.) inside and out. But I would still have a little gluten here and there, maybe 1-3 times a month and just tiny amounts. 

So last spring we go on vacation, 2016. The place we stay serves breakfast as part of our tree house nightly room fee. They serve whole wheat toast with eggs, etc. I was eating 1/2 of slice, at most, each AM. Some AMs I avoided it completely knowing I was playing russian roulette with my gut and psoriasis. We return home and I have a full blown IBS attack (yup, been denying that one for years!). It took me 2 months of bone broth, slippery elm, glutamine, gentle eating, etc. to calm my gut. Makes eating hard. 

Then I eat dinner in Old Forge in July... I was very careful making choices but still somehow got a dose of the evil freaking gluten. I had diarrhea for 24+ hours(sorry if TMI)  and the whole IBS thing started again. So this summer I said; DONE DONE DONE. No more gluten EVER!  This has helped tremendously but was not quite enough honestly.

I then decide I will try 100% grain free and cow's milk dairy free. Guess what: psoriasis is going away. The chronic psoriasis lesions in my ear canals (I know, TMI again) is almost completely gone! Itchy psoriasis in the ear canals is not pleasant. 

I tell clients all of the time that all or nothing is the only way to heal diabetes... any sugar will constantly exacerbate the diabetes. Any alcohol at all will exacerbate liver disease. Any cigarettes at all will exacerbate lung disease. It IS an all or nothing life change. Why did I think I was any different around the gluten issue??  Life is so funny!! Being human is grand fun!  I just took a shamanism class in the 'Burg over the weekend. Transcending our human-ness is fun too! (

Innately we all KNOW we are who is responsible and capable of healing our own health BUT most are too lost on their energetic / spiritual level. We have been handed a health (disease) care system that teaches us that we do not have to be responsible for ourselves. It is a "go to the doc, get a script, and be done with it" sort of health/disease care system. You have no need to take things into your own hands. The medical & pharm system will do it all for you. Which is absolute bullshit but we have to be motivated to behave differently and take full responsibility for our choices and our healing path.

There, how's that for an AM gluten free rant???  Happy healing, with love, to all.



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