Gluten Free Living and Loving it!

Many people find that they are unable to tolerate the proteins found in modern gluten-containing grains.

This one week course is for anyone curious about:

  1. Celiac Disease and the surge in modern gluten intolerance, 
  2. current talk around eating gluten-free (IS gluten the issue? Is gluten the only issue?),
  3. how to remove gluten from your diet,
  4. possible benefits to your health (health conditions, diseases, that are positively impacted by removing gluten),
  5. choosing gluten free products that contribute to vitality (there are many, many junk-food gluten free products that are best avoided for optimal health of your body cells & in the interest of your health restoration), and...
  6. maybe making gluten free foods, instead of buying packaged versions, to invest in your health at home.


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