Healing Your Gut for Lifetime Vitality

Gut Health is Whole Body Health

Gut microbial health is absolutely fascinating to me as I hope it will be to you. Our body has 10 times more microbes than human body cells in our gut, on our skin, in our sinuses, etc. Genetically speaking, there is 100 times more microbial genes in our human body than there are actualhuman genes. Be good to them; there are more of them than you!

On the slide about Louis Pasteur there is a book image,  The Male Herbal  by James Green. I did not mention why I put the image there, sorry. The section in this book on "Germ Theory Vs. Terrain" is a great read to assist your personal paradigm shift to embrace the beautiful bacteria & microbes in our world as friends and inspiring us to enhance our terrain; the soil of our bodies. I find the whole book to be a game changer in the realm of health & healing whether you be male or female. Oh, by the way, the female and male reproductive tract are the very same tissues until about 8-ish weeks or so during fetal development. The same tissues then develop into either female or male reproductive organs based upon XX or XY chromosomes and the resultant hormones. Any healing habit or herbs for male reproductive health is also nourishing for female reproductive health. Now thereare herbs I would recommend for specific male issues and herbs specific for females but, in general, our parts are the same! Natures is truly awesome.

The more we learn about our body's microbial population, the more we realize that an unbalanced micro-biome is connected to just about every disease process. As time rolls on I am certain we will discover the microbial imbalance link to all disease.

Thank you from my  (and gut!) for participating in this eCourse. Each year I will update the information as I delve deeper & deeper into my Functional Medicine studies (and you have lifetime access to this information). May your belly and whole body health flourish with vibrant life force energy, Paula

1. Your video slide show on gut health:

  • This video is 2 hours long. I strongly suggest taking small bites, chewing well, swallowing, and allowing the information to digest-be absorbed-circulate-and enter your mind/body/soul cells. Then... come back later for another bite! 
  • Stress is toxic to your gut microbes. With all the gut microbes have to deal within this modern world... one less assault is a blessing.

2. Your PDF file for further learning, product links, and links to other gut health information: 

  1. Gut Health PDF File
  2. Healthy Gut Flora PDF File
  3. Zonulin PDF File

3. Your video of yoga poses to bring healing energy to your beautiful gut: 

4. Bonus article from Yoga Journal, September 2015: www.YogaJournal.com  this article seemed quite fitting.  The author is Sally Wadyka, a health & nutrition writer based in Boulder, CO. 

yoga journal article GMO, Rice, carragean.pdf

5. Great book on healing gut health: 

This doc is big on bone broth for healing gut health.  http://www.doctor-natasha.com/index.php

There are many recipes available for vegetarian & vegan "bone" broth options. Find my recipe for bone broth here.

Yet another Bone Broth article & recipe:  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/12/16/bone-broth-benefits.aspx


5. 5 steps to Naturally Heal Low Stomach Acid



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Comments, Questions & Answers

1. Question:

Hi Paula,
I have a few questions.
1. Is the Turbinado sugar just as good as the others you mention?
2. I am interested in fermenting how do I get started?
3. I am looking for a good lentil recipe, I know you mentioned one in one of weeks but can’t seem to find it.
4. You talk about a maple yogurt where can I find that?
5. Where do you do the vegetable program where you get a box of them whether it’s weekly or monthly? Do you do it during the winter?
6. Which is the best flour to use in cooking or baking?
7. I am very interested in essencial oils do you have any information on that? Also teas and herbs?
8. I want to check out yoga but want to do it privately rather than in a class can you recommended someone or do you teach?

I am learning so much! Really am enjoying trying many new things. For the first time not feeling deprived of food. Thank you.

Answer:  Glad to have answers and even more glad that you are enjoying change, eating healthy, and not feeling deprived!

1. Turbinado sugar has had molasses removed from it, not all, but makes it more refined. 

2. Fermenting... ah, week 4 information coming up tomorrow!


3. How to cook the lentils just as themselves OR recipes for a dish with lentils in them?

   I cook lentils by: 

  • putting 1 cup lentils into 1 and 1/4 -ish water (maybe it is a little less but not more).
  • bring to a simmer, gently.
  • immediately turn off heat and keep covered.
  • let them set on the back of the stove while you finish preparing the rest of dinner.
  • then fluff with a fork and eat.
  • if too much water is still in the pot, drain and drink.

4. Maple Yogurt is through Prosper's Farmstead Creamery in North Lawrence. You can buy directly from the farmer, Jessica Prosper. You can also pick it up at the Coop, The Brasher Falls IGA, and I think Bing's place in Massena. I recommend mixing a quart of the plain with a quart of the maple as it is very sweet.

5. My winter CSA is through the Kent Family Growers. They also do an awesome summer CSA. Martin's Farmstand on 11 towards Hopkinton is where I summer produce shop. I do not get the Kent's summer csa as I am often not here on the pick up date, otherwise I would! 

Gardenshare's local food guide is a great place to find local farmers here in Northern NY.


6. Ah, the cooking and baking dilemma!  I use whole spelt flour and whole oat flour to get a consistency most like what people are used to. If the recipe calls for 1 cup of all purpose or otherwise refined, white flour... use 3/4 cup whole grain flour.  

There are so many other flours to try and use for baking.  (not a complete list)

  • buckwheat
  • corn
  • rye
  • millet
  • quinoa
  • amaranth
  • teff

When you get used to baking with whole grain flours; try mixing and matching so you get a variety of nutrients in your diet. Just remember the 3/4 for every 1 rule.

Baking class coming up: https://www.facebook.com/ev... Please Email LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com to RSVP for your spot -- we will send you the exact location in Knapp's Station (near Norwood) and other information you will need.

7. Essential oils, I do play around with them.  Herbs and herbal teas... I play around even more. Are you looking for online classes? I may do an herb class this spring... have not thought that far ahead. I have some Clarkson people asking so it is possible.

This herbal study course is wonderful. http://www.sagemountain.com...

8. Yoga is my saving grace in life, why I do not lose my mind, strangle my kids (  :)  OK, just kidding!), and freak from busy schedule stuff. I have not taught a yoga class in a bit, again , the time issue. I do not know anyone around here who does one on one. I can certainly ask around. Maybe Terry de la Vega (She is NP at Planned Parenthood, I think.) I just sent her a message to ask. 

I have often thought of doing 1 on 1 as I love yoga and find it so incredibly helpful in healing mind, body, and soul. Maybe when my kids grow up!

When I get answers from Terry (and I asked about and essential oils class with the Sage Mountain teachers), I will post answers.

The school of natural healing does an essential oils certification course. I think it is $1200 bucks. Rosemary Gladstar's  herbal course is $325 and well worth it. Not the the school of natural healing's would not be but it is a big investment. I did their Master Herbalist curriculum and it was a very thorough one, 22 courses! I then did Rosemary Gladstar's as her course touched the heart and soul of plants, plant spirit healing!

Hope this helps and answers all questions. I posted instead of adding to the                      Q & A recording after class 6 as you had many great questions.

Cheers and keep eating healthy, whole foods!

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear... there is something to divine grace and timing!

Answer from Terry de la Vega:

Hi Paula,

What perfect timing, and thanks so much for thinking of me! 

I am just starting up a yoga therapy practice, called Light on Healing Yoga. Trillium Yoga

Please feel free to share my phone #315-265-5732 or email theyoganp@gmail.com with any clients who are interested.

Thanks again, Terry


2. Comment: An article from Mercola.com on pesticides and gut health / whole body health:

  • According to the USDA, more than half of all foods tested last year had detectable levels of pesticide residues, but most, they claim, are within the “safe” range. However, foods are NOT tested for glyphosate residues
  • Glyphosate has been shown to severely damage your gut flora and cause chronic diseases rooted in gut dysfunction. Pesticides and herbicides are also known to disrupt your neurological, brain health, and endocrine systems
  • Your best bet is to buy only organic fruits and vegetables, as synthetic agricultural chemicals are not permissible under the USDA organic rules


3. Question:

Hi Paula, 
I have probiotics that are in powdered form and are to be kept in the fridge.  The instructions are to dissolve in water and drink.  The taste is so bad, can I just mix in smoothie and drink, or will this compromise the integrative of the probiotic?

I'm super excited, I just bought an essential oil kit (mostly to get the diffuser) so now I'm researching all the different ways to use them instead of medicine!!! What brand of essential oil do you recommend, I have heard that some of them out source their buying so I want to make sure the oils are made from organic products!

Thank you so much


Yes, put the probiotics in your smoothy, right at the end so you are gently blending them in.

I know many people are into the Young Living essential oils.  I am certain they are high quality but the marketing is over the top for me as they are so expensive. Example is the thieves oil, 50 bucks for a little 15 ml bottle (shipping included in this 50 buck plus price). One can look up the ingredients in the blend and buy the separate essential oils from a high quality, organic essential oil company. Once you have the ingredients, you can blend them all together and make your own thieves blend. 15 ml of it will cost you a whole lot less then 50 some bucks. Attachment below is the thieves ingredients.

Buy the same 5 oils from a reputable company such as Aura Cacia, Frontier Herbs, and/or Primavera Life... and blend them together yourself: 

  • 2 tbsp. of olive oil
  • 4 drops of each essential oil

Keep in a glass jar (obviously a small one) and keep closed tightly. Rub on feet and spine when a cold or flu like symptoms hit.

To use in diffuser just blend the essential oils (no carrier oil, the olive oil).

thieves blend label.JPG

5. Comment: Dr. Hyman on Resistant Starch:

The Starch that Makes You Lean and Healthy


6. Many Questions, keep scrolling!  :)


I have received a few questions in regards to the gut health class. I will share them here so that everyone may benefit. I love questions as they are the stimulus that helps us all to learn more. 

  • Will the reflux spices work for anything else besides coffee?

Yes, I have clients who have sprinkled the spic mix onto tomato sauce type foods with relief. Try it and if it works for you, great. If not, continue to eat foods that do not create reflux issues. 

With the coffee, you can also cold brew it to reduce its acidity and chance that it will disturb your stomach.

  • When is the best time to take digestive enzymes?

I recommend taking just before eating or with the first few bits of a meal to get them in there before the food to best assist with digestion... if you are taking as a digestion aid.

Enzymes can also be used in cancer healing therapy. You would take the enzymes between meals when there is zero food in the stomach. This ensures te enzymes are being used to fight / heal cancer and not being used up to digest food.

  • What is the deal with wheat?  Good or bad for overall health?

This is a tricky one and there is no real short answer... but I will try. Wheat has been changed over the decades viz cross breeding species and other work on the wheat seeds. Agricultural plant biologists tried to make plants that were shorter in height (to prevent blowing in the wind and loss of the wheat berries - seeds that are ground to make flour) and a seed head that was larger and produced more berries per plant. All about the yield and getting more wheat berries per acre of harvest. In this seed manipulation the amount of gluten also changed drastically. Gluten is the constituent of the seed, in the endosperm, that makes the flour rise into loaves of bread.

Image Link & Credited Referencehttps://www.google.com/sear...

Grains, when being made into food, were traditionally sprouted and then fermented (sour dough) into bread of some sort. Both of these processes naturally "ate up" the gluten in wheat, rye, and barley making for a very low gluten bread or food.

These processed have been all but given up as it is easier to just grind the grains into flour and quick rise them with yeast or baking powder/soda. This makes the production of bread much faster to get more loaves on the shelves faster for bigger profits. What is lost is quality of food that is life enhancing and not life degenerating. Quick making of any grain product keeps the gluten content intact and high which can be very inflammatory to digestive tracts, immune systems, nervous systems, etc. 

The 2 modern habits: changing the wheat seed and no longer sprouting/fermenting has created bread and grain products that are much, much higher in gluten going into a person's digestive tract.

whole grains to enhance health 2.docx

I will include a PDF here on wheat's health issues: DarkSideWheat.GreenMedInfo.pdf  This is long, 183 pages, and I will confess that I have not taken the time to completely read this... yet. It is recommended by my functional med school and I have learned the information contained within it through my functioanl med course work.

  • What can I expect if I do a herbal yeast kill program?

This can vary depending on the state of health of your digestive tract and why I do not suggest a liver cleanse or yeast program until you have calmed and healed the inflammation first. Some symptoms you can experience when doing a yeast program are: fatigue; depression; digestive upset (bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea); headaches; flu-like symptoms; nausea; dizziness; swollen glands; increased joint or muscle pain; elevated heart rate; chills; cold feeling in your extremities; body itchiness, hives or rashes; sweating; fever; skin breakouts; recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections. 

On the other side of all of this the body can then start to heal gut, immune system, nervous system, etc health troubles.

Here are two functional medicine doc's thoughts on this: 



  • What are some simple ways I can relieve gas and bloating?

1. Chew your food very, very well before swallowing to assist with digestion of all foods and breakdown of carbohydrates.

2. Use the DigestMore and Gas & Bloating formulas. (Avoid gas & bloating formula if reflux is a digestive issue for you. The peppermint in the product can exacerbate reflux as peppermint relaxes the esophageal sphincter.

3. Eat real food. Packaged food made in factories is loaded with all kinds of crap that disrupts digestive and whole body cellular health.

4. Say goodbye to sugar and refined carbohydrate foods (see above), reduce or eliminate grains in your diet, keep your diet low in carbohydrates and eat carbs that count: fruits and veggies. More veggies than fruits as fruits are higher in natural sugar. If you eat fruits when available locally this naturally keeps the fruit in your diet at natural levels.

5. Consider food sensitivities. If your body, because of leaky gut syndrome, has developed food sensitivities, you can be bothered by digestive disturbances. Gluten sensitivity issues can play a part in digestive disturbances even in people who do not have "true" celiac disease. 

  • When should I start taking probiotics?

If you have serious ill health digestive tract symptoms you would be better off to make whole food dietary changes first. Give yourself several weeks of eating only real, whole foods. This habit alone does wonders to re-balance digestive tract health and gut microbes. Real food feeds the microbes you want to live and starves the ones you want to keep in check. Processed, refined foods do just the opposite: feed the microbes you want to keep at low levels and starve the ones you want to thrive in your gut.

Allowing your body time to re-balance itself before starting a probiotic regime can help prevent a microbe war in your gut. 

After several weeks of feeding your gut microbes, your body cells, all of you with good food... then add in a probiotic and pay attention to how your body reacts. If it creates more intense symptoms then back off for a while more.

  • How do I filter the chlorine and flouride out of my drinking, cooking, and bathing water?

A simple charcoal filter will remove chlorine. You can get a filter for the kitchen tap and a shower head filter. All of these filters must be maintained and replaced at intervals (read filter packages). If you enjoy baths, you can use a ball filter that hangs from the spout and bath water flows through it before it reaches the tub. A tank charcoal filter can be installed on the pipe where water comes into your home. This will remove chlorine from your whole home's water usage including what you put onto your garden. Charcoal filters are not good for removing fluoride.

               "The three types of filters that can remove fluoride are reverse osmosis, deionizers (which use ion-exchange resins), and activated alumina. Each of these filters should be able to remove about 90% of the fluoride. By contrast, “activated carbon” filters (e.g., Brita & Pur) do not remove fluoride."    http://fluoridealert.org/co...

Any filtration system has its limits and issues (cost etc.). I am not so sure I would be thrilled using activated alumina as I think aluminum and its health impacts.

As with all of my health education information: figure out what works for you, make change in incremental steps at the pace that works for you, and make change a light heart process not a process born out of fear or stress. Be well, Paula

7. Question I was asked: "What do you think of a food combining diet?"

Food combining is when you eat fats & proteins together OR fats & carbs together but do not eat protein & carbs together (Getting To The Fat Of The Matter this course deep dive explains carbs, proteins, & fats and good sources of these macro-nutrients, it is not a course on food combining). Proteins take a very acid environment to digest hence the stomach's supply of hydrochloric acid. The theory is that carbohydrates in the stomach at the same time slow down this protein digestion as they lower the stomach's ph level.

Many people find food combining to be helpful for digestion, weight loss, healing gut health issues, etc. I say if it works for you... go for it!

The digestive tract is geared to digest mixed proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The human body is programmed for survival and to do its jobs efficiently.

With that said...there is always more than one story, people with compromised digestion can benefit from avoiding eating too many foods, perhaps all of the macro-nutrients, at a given time and making digestion easier on the digestive tract. Once someone has healed their digestive tract, returning to mixed macro-nutrient meals should be fine.

A book I read, many - many years ago, that speaks of food combining: this copy is a newer edition than the one I bought 25 or so years ago.

8. Comment

For further learning, deeper diving into gut health, Dr. Josh Axe wrote a book on including more microbes into our gut health and our life in general: 


Here is Dr. Axe's quiz to determine what gut type you are.  This may help you pinpoint areas to improve on with diet & lifestyle omissions and inclusions to heal your particular gut problem.




9. Comment: A friend in health & healing... out in California sent me this documentary information this AM.

I have watched and have a hard copy for local people to borrow if you wish to.


Dr. Mercola's take on modern wheat issues:

How Gluten and Modern Food Processing Contribute to Poor Health




10.  Comment: A resource article for further learning I received in an email:

1. Celiac Disease Diet: Foods, Tips & Products to Avoid  (D. Axe, the Eat Dirt Doc!)

I highly recommend the above dirt book. We are led to believe that intestinal and auto-immune diseases are something we have to suffer with and try to control for life. We are amazing healing beings. Our bodies heal if we give them what they need and get rid of the problems that are harming our bodies. 




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