Magic through the Menopausal Years

"At menarche a woman enters her power, 
through her menstruating years she practices her power, 
at menopause she becomes her power."  
  Native American Saying

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The Menopausal Years are when you develop into and birth yourself back into your non-bleeding womanly ways. Womanly Wisdom around these years, what to expect, ways to cope and heal are not always shared openly. Women can feel lost and alone in figuring out just what the hell is going on with their bodies. Change can be easy and comfy.

The wisdom of the menopausal years will unfold for us in this Intensive 1 week Wisdom course





Womanly Wisdom you will Learn:  

  1. pre & peri-menopause magic as we transition completely into the non-bleeding years,
  2. how a positive perspective on your bleeding years can heal your energy around your younger years and create a path for positive and healthy Wise Woman Years.
  3. Whole food eating for magical transitions,
  4. Herbs for menopause & bone health,
  5. and maintaining a voluptuous vagina through our Wise Woman Years.



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