Movement Magic


Short Slide Show Video

In this slide show video, I group all the body systems onto one slide.

I give an explanation of how Movement Magic  creates health in your body systems as a whole; the whole human being that you are.


More In Depth Slide Show Video

This video is an elaborated version of the above, a longer video, and I do a slide for each individual body system.  

I explain how Movement Magic  benefits that individual system in a bit more detail.

I want to emphasize that in doing this I am not detracting from the whole-ness of our body. We are all beautiful, whole functioning beings.


Yoga Movement Magic Video

This is a quick yoga video to show you:

  • sun salutations
  • dynamic poses (moving not stationary holding of the poses)
  • using a wall or deck rail for balance
  • muscle strength in a pose, not limp - lazy muscles
  • using chair (bar stools) for dips to strengthen arms 

A pdf file for Yoga Fun & Movement Magic™:

Yoga Principles & Safety PDF File

Movement Magic Extras


Three versions of Sun Salutations for warm up and Yoga FUN!

  1. Sun salutation A surya-namaskara-A.pdf
  2. surya-namaskara-B.pdf
  3. surya-namaskara-Classic.pdf


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Comments, Questions & Answers

1. This quote is about how Yoga supports Walking the Red Road of lifestyle choices; making it easy to say yes to those lifestyle choices that are whole and natural, create vibrant body cells, and sustain life at the highest level of vibrating energy for each individual.

yoga for health choices.JPG

2. Mercola article: 

Exercise Can Make Your Brain a Decade 'Younger' Than Your Calendar Age

3. A meaningful Movement Magic quote from Plato, Greek Philosopher, Born 427 BC... almost 2500 years later:

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical exercise save it and preserve it.   -Plato



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