Natural Food Know How

I offer this slide show with love around good, whole food healing. I touched upon several food fad ideas and hot topics in the food industry. Take the information about being a savvy consumer and apply it to all food products: read labels for ingredients and insist upon 100% whole food ingredients to feed your cellular health for regeneration towards vibrant health and healing. Settle for no less; put all inferior food products back on the shelf and walk away with your cells intact and smiling!

I read an article in my Yoga Journal Magazine on protein powders. It seems some companies are making pea protein powder products with dried split peas ground up; nothing removed, refined out. IF you feel you need a protein boost this would be a better choice. (I am not a fan of manufactured food products of any kind. Blog posts I have written on protein powders:

Bottom Line: Read ingredients carefully and know it is the whole split pea being ground up.

Better yet: grind your own split yellow or green peas, lentils, or nuts & seeds* into powder. Keep just what you will use in a couple of days on hand in an air tight glass jar. Store in your fridge. You are now in complete control of the whole foods that go into your body. Use in smoothies or add to recipes to add protein. 

I am giving this as an option IF you feel you need this. A well balanced, whole food diet with ample protein and fat to maintain your health and weight is nutritionally divine all on its own!

*pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, flax, chia, hemp seeds / walnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.

Your continue learning PDF file:

Natural Food Know How PDF File

How to make your own herbal infusions (teas): Yes, there is more to it than dunking an herbal tea bag into hot water IF you want nutritional herbal teas and not just herbal flavored water.

Cook Like A Kitchen Artist

I use this slide show as a means to remind you of the beauty of cooking, the beauty of food! I offer ways to simplify what you do in the kitchen, again, reminders of what is innate wisdom in all of us. 

A recent conversation I had with a client (January 2016):

Client: My mother and grandmother made great lentil soup that I have stopped trying to duplicate. I like mine but lacks their particular kind of magic. I don't have their finesse.

Paula: Women are Kitchen Goddesses, alchemists with spices! 

C: That was my experience with my Italian relatives and the food was great. My uncle Joe said that I had a hollow leg because I could eat so much. With so much good food around, I was captured and really loved just about all of it.

P: Ethnic foods, especially from people who celebrate food and eating with gusto, are always amazing tapestries of flavors, textures, colors, etc. Who could not be enamored! 

Makes me wonder how people could have been so easily swindled into the processed, packaged, manufactured food products mess we are in now!

NEWS FLASH: January 11th, 2016th article: The timing of this article is perfect synchronicity for this week's learning! It is about time medical schools teach cooking. Let's hope they are teaching real nutrition along side the cooking skills. All medical personnel need to be trained in real health, real food, and real cooking. It is what creates healthy body cells and bodies! 


Cooking from Scratch Is so Important for Health, 

Some Medical Schools Are Now Teaching Doctors Cooking Skills

The days of Betty Crocker mixes, Hamburger & Tuna Helper, microwaveable meals, Hot Pocket Pizzas & Sandwiches are OVER. It IS time to get back into the kitchen and recover our personal, family, & community health (not to mention global health!).


Enjoy the PDF file and recipes and the invitation to enjoy the simplicity of the cyclical nature of eating with the seasons.

Check out my recipe's page:

Many Blessings of Vibrant Health To All, Paula

Cook Like A Kitchen Artist PDF File


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