Her-Story is a good thing!

The story behind how a product came into being is just plain fun.

Your use of the product will then have more depth and meaning.

Let’s get started with story time and the first product I made was… (keep in mind the first product made was not necessarily the first product I had available to sell.)

40+ FaceFix

I started making face lotion, for myself when I turned 40. Bottom line: I was hitting middle age, my face had seen a lot of sun, and I had zero plans of avoiding the sun now or ever. I needed a skin product that repaired skin, prevented further damage, was all natural, and I liked it. I suspected it was just easier to make it myself.

I had researched plant medicine for years, decades really. My study of herbalism included the use of essential oils. Using essential oils that were meant for sun damaged skin repair, anti-aging effects, and circulatory benefits, I came up with my own blend of essential oils to benefit my 40 year old skin that had also seen a lot of sun.

Over the years, I occasionally gifted it to family and friends. My sister’s favorite comment has always been: “I love this shit Polly, why aren’t you selling it.” She said it just enough times and at 53, well, I started working on selling it.

I had always made the base lotion with what I happened to have on hand for skin / cosmetic friendly oils. I tend to make plant medicines like I cook: pinch of this, handful of that. Creating larger batches in this manner is not a good idea for sales purposes. A marketable product sort of insists on a more precise formula. Sandy Maine, of ADK Fragrance & Flavor Farm was a big help in this area. She took my “pinch of this” recipe and worked it out to be a recipe that could be reproduced consistently each batch and kept the drop percentage of my signature essential oil blend.

July 2018 and 40+ FaceFix™ was ready for sale.

Voluptuous V™ is a product I originally made, in 2013, for a dear friend who was having struggles with vaginal chapped lips: itching, burning, and soreness. She asked me to help her find a soothing product that would help. I searched & searched to no avail. I told her if a product’s ingredients were not something I would eat, I could not recommend her putting them on her vulva and/or in her vagina. I gave up the “google” search and told her I would make her an ointment. Using my herbalist and Ob/Gyn Nurse knowledge and years of experience, I came up with herbs and base oils I knew would be soothing and restorative to the vaginal and vulva tissues. I whipped her up a batch and the rest is VV’s Her-story!

Seriously though… over a couple of years she used VV™ regularly, asked me to send jars to friends and family, and I gifted my health consultation clients, here and there, when they complained of post menopausal vaginal issues. Basically chapped lips of the lower half.

2017: I was telling Shelby Connelly, my friend, co-hort, and partner in holistic health about the VV™ story. Her response was “why aren’t you making and selling this stuff to more women?” To which I said, “well, I hadn’t really thought of that.” She laughed at me and said: “Well we are making this VV™ right here at Five Elements Living and selling it to women, lots of women!”

The small batch, hand crafted making and marketing of VV™ began. VV™ is now used by woman all over the USA, the British Isles, and Europe… on vulvas & in irritated, dry vaginas caused from the menopausal years and/or too much sex and VV™ is used as a lubricant for happy sex by women of all ages.

SkinFlammation SOOTHE™

The SkinFlammation SOOTHE™ story is simple. I have psoriasis. I made it for myself to provide some relief for the dry, scaly, and sometimes itchy skin of psoriasis. It works for me so I decided to share it with others.

I have a Mom who told me it has been the only thing that relieves her kid’s psoriasis patches on the scalp. The patches actually disappear. That’s a good thing.

As with all of my products, I recommend my clients work on their own lifestyle medicine, their lifestyle habits, to figure out and repair the root causes of their ill health symptoms. Relieving symptoms is wonderful for the short term. Figuring out what is causing those symptoms, removing them, and adding in healing health choices to self heal your health and body is the ultimate goal of my Functional Medicine RN Herbalist Practice.

The stories behind my books… well, each book has an introduction that tells the story.

All I can say is just buy the book(s) or borrow them from your local library and read the “story.”

Earth Apple Botanicals™ was birthed…and that, my friends, is the rest of the story!