Q & A  #1

Questions for this Q & A session are on these topics:

  • vegetarian / vegan vs. meat eating
  • moderation in everything
  • assessing local food in Northern NY
  • celeriac: what it is & how to use
  • canola and soy oils, healthy?
  • soy foods, to eat or not?
  • coffee, harmful to my health?
  • dealing with high blood pressure naturally
  • steps to seasonal eating: look in week #2 comments
  • saturated vs. unsaturated fats and cholesterol in foods

Q & A  #2

Welcome to Q & A #2  of The School of Self Healing. 

Thanks so much for being here and being a part of this learning and growing experience. We truly make a healthier world when we create healthier selves!

This sentiment is portrayed in the ad put together for our Local Food Guide that is published by GardenShare of St. Lawrence County, NY.

Information on beer additiveshttp://foodbabe.com/2013/07...



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Two good videos to watch on cellular regeneration, why it is important to always feed the body real food, and how easy it is to heal:



Sending love and healing energy!  Paula




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