Sacred Circle Yoga Mentorship =

Functional Medicine/Nutrition/Movement, Nature’s Rhythms, & 5 Element Yoga Fusion

into a Well Being Mentorship for Your Transformation.

Celebrating Life with **Yoga through the lens of Functional Medicine & Nature. A mentorship fusion of body-mind-spirit teachings gathered from 3 cultural traditions reminding us how alike we all are.
Learn to observe, listen to, live in sync with, & love Nature. We ARE Nature.  
Physically we know we are Nature. Socially we’ve been taught we are above Nature. Our mind, ego, fights Nature and tries to make us live outside Nature. Yoga’s embodiment work of moving, breathing, sounds, and observing Nature supports our returning to who we truly are: Nature. Yoga yokes body, mind, and spirit & returns us to our truth.   
Yoga, at its core, is a spiritual practice. Weaving together Yoga and Earth Medicine Teachings is an invitation for deep soul growth. Yoga is a gift to self healing. Working with a mentor that syncs with your needs, as opposed to dropping in & out of random studio classes, creates continuity in your Spiritual growth.    
Changing your way of thinking and way of Be-ing is how you will change your habits of living. A daily home Yoga practice keeps you in "rest & digest" mode (as opposed to "fight or flight" mode) so you can skillfully and soulfully interact with your life's happenings. Having a daily spiritual practice, Yoga, is an act of self-love. Self healing. When we heal ourselves we can heal the world. 

All classes held at Five Elements Living Acupuncture & Wellness Center, Colton, NY.

A Well Being Journey of Health Coaching with:

  • Functional Medicine-Nutrition-Movement (Lifestyle Medicine) snippets each class to encourage healing growth of Body - Mind - Spirit.

  • Mentoring to live in rhythm with Nature’s Cycles because You Are Nature: Earth Path, Sun Path, & Moon Path.

  • Herbal Medicine and Foods to accentuate each of the Five Elements.

  • Hatha ️(Sun-Moon) 5 Elements **Yoga: each 5 week session will embrace Yoga Poses for the Element we are working with. Poses are accessible to all: vigorous if you choose, props to support your body opening up to the pose, a chair or the wall if that is your personal comfort zone.

  • Weekly follow up email with educational handouts to further your self growth, self healing, & Well Being in Functional Movement-Nutrition-Medicine. Each week’s email includes homework, 15-20 minute daily commitment. Homework is a totally optional experience. What we put into life is what we get out of it. ; )

  • If you miss a class, You will keep up with class with the follow up email and I create a slide show video with the class readings and teachings so you have every teaching from every class. Use the recording, along with your laminated yoga card to do poses, and you are with us in Spirit. I have created a hybrid of in person & online to keep you living and learning in Sacred Circle.

  • **This is not studio Yoga or an exercise/aerobic Yoga class. I want you to understand the poses, embody them, to be able to do them well, in your body’s best expression of the pose, at home. At home, you can do your Yoga as vigorously or slowly as you want to create Fire, Water, Earth, Air/Wind, or Ether in your personal life.

  • Take home tools to support creating & maintaining a home practice.

WHY Attend:

To create ritual - ceremony - gratitude and restore Soul Magic to Your Life. To immerse into re-learning the Rhythms of Earth Medicine through the container of Yoga and the lens of Functional Medicine. It is a wonderful marriage of Body, Mind, & Spirit. Yup, a Merry Threesome of Self-Healing Love!  

**Please understand these class series are not Yoga Exercise/Fitness classes nor is this a Yoga studio class. We use Yoga as a container to come back into ourselves, to embody the learning of Nature’s Rhythms. The Yoga poses, Savasana relaxation, and breath work encompass approximately 2/3rds of the 80 minute class time frame. Poses are taught in a user friendly way so everyone can enjoy each pose in their body’s expression of it. I will invite you to learn poses and the series of poses used for each Element, and learn them well, so you can make your home practice whatever you want it to be. The key to Yoga’s Magic is the daily home practice. If you learn poses well, you can do them in aerobic flow or long held, muscle building, “strong” poses at home. In class we will focus on learning well so you can transform at home how you want to. If you are looking for a class to walk away with a heart pumping sweaty aerobic dance glow… use this course learning to then create that at home. What you will notice is transformation of your body’s abilities in each pose. Ask some of my current students about the magic they have witnessed in their body’s transformation through Yoga.

Over the course of the year: There will be 5 separate mentorship sessions, each 5 weeks long. Each mentorship session will cover different information honoring the Cycles Of the Day, Month, Seasons, Year, & Your Life. Bringing Earth Medicine Wisdom back into your remembering. We will do Yoga poses, Breath Work, Mudras, Mantras, etc. to support the energy of each Element & Direction of Nature. Click the Element below for quick info about each session.

5 Week Mentorship Requirements:

  • Pre-registration & payment is required prior to attending this mentorship.

  • No drop-ins, please. Payment is for the full series, this is not a week by week offering.

  • Important Info: If you can’t make all the classes in a 5 week series, no sweat. All classes have an email follow up with information pertaining to each class so you can keep up and feel connected. Feel free to "Gift the Mat" to a friend: the class you can’t attend, send a friend or family member to practice & learn in your mat space for that week. 
  • Sacred Circle Well Being Mentorship is limited to 12 people in the AM class & 12 people in the PM class.

  • Questions? Ask please.

Register Here: 5 Week Wind/Air - Winter Session

Read more about Sacred Circle Well Being™’s Philosophy. Read more about Paula & her qualifications to teach.

Yoga Blog posts by Paula if you want to read up a ‘lil bit and see what I am about before jumping in with both feet on Your Yoga Mat of Life:

The Importance of Circle:

These are beautiful words written by a Wild Life Ecologist - Yoga Teacher - Physical Therapist - Shamanic Practitioner: Allison Mitch of WILD Woman in the Suburbs. Her short post beautifully explains meaning behind Sacred Circles.

My Sacred Earth Medicine Yoga mat & altar, in my home “Yoga Studio.” This is my kitchen tiny space, carved out for Yoga, when the weather does not permit me to be outside.

My Sacred Earth Medicine Yoga mat & altar, in my home “Yoga Studio.” This is my kitchen tiny space, carved out for Yoga, when the weather does not permit me to be outside.