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Sugar Addiction Be GONE!

Sugar is one of my favorite things to teach about. When we learn to appreciate and honor sugar for the occasional, celebratory food ingredient it is, we can then easily develop other food awareness skills and habits.

Human taste buds evolved to enjoy and feel secure with the taste of sweet in the mouth. Generally sweet was a safe flavor because toxic substances did not usually come in a sweet package.

For countless millennia we trusted sweet. Sweet is now an overused and abused flavor in the mouth. 

Join me on this incredible journey of learning how to tame the sweet tooth with peace and serenity. 

1. The Sugar Be GONE slide show video:

The slide show image I promised:


2. Enjoy the sugar resources in the below PDF file:

                  Sugar Addiction Be GONE PDF File

3. How to convert recipes to bake with less sugar and enjoy whole food treats


Chewing and breathing techniques to practice daily before learning to bake whole food treats. These techniques will help you say "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night (good bye!) to sugar:

                 Whole Food Treat Conversions PDF File


Chakra Yoga Book image.JPG

4. And a bit of chakra yoga to get you started if yoga is of interest to you in your goodbye to sugar plan:

Chakra Salutations PDF File

From Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga






Best of LOVE to you in this journey to find the real sweetness inside of yourself. 






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Comments, Questions & Answers

1. Question

I was brought up on meat and potatoes, or tacos, spaghetti, meat and noodle packages (like cheddar broccoli)..... I have a very hard time trying to figure out meal "stuff" on my own.  I really enjoyed the tips you did share and the recipes.  I'm wondering if you have done an more extensive cook book, or have a suggestion of one?  As everyone else we are a busy family and I think I over think the meal time and make it harder on myself, but I also make lots of things the kids will not try, I even mess up stir fry.  So any help would be great!!!!!  

A: What are some of your family's favorite meals? Make them what they like (being reasonable here as Oscar Meyer hot dogs and Kraft mac & cheese are not examples I would give as good meals) just make the meals all whole foods. 

Example: Baked chicken with mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies (use the root veggie & cabbage slaw recipe and every dinner change the root veggies in the salad for variety.)

Tacos: Use organic corn tortilla chips as I have a hard time finding actual taco shells that are made with organic and non-GMO corn. Cook local burger and season with organic tomato paste and chili powder. Serve with a whole food salsa, grated cheddar cheese (organic), use whole fat / plain yogurt for the sour cream (I can not find a good organic, grass fed sour cream and the plain yogurt works just fine.)  Serve it with the slaw in winter and a fresh green salad with lots of seasonal veggies in the summer. 

See the document attached below for a few recipes and a couple of seasonal vegetable cookbook suggestions.

Making Any Recipe A Whole Food Meal PDF File

Often we over think the dinner thing. Steak and potatoes is fine just use well raised steak and potatoes and serve with seasonal veggies, seasonal salad... Voila' dinner!

Hope this helps. If you need any other: "how do I convert this to something healthy" hints just give me some examples and I will try and make it a do-able meal transformation for you.

Relax, deep breathe, and have fun in the kitchen. Get the kids to help with food choices in the store and food prep too. When they have a bit of say and responsibility in their food making they are more apt to try things and actually eat it.

I know having kids along for the food gathering session is a exercise in patience. If you tell them what you are doing and want to accomplish and how they are expected to behave / help... it may go smoothly!

Good luck, Paula

Student: Thank you so much. I am learning a ton and already making changes for our family. 
We are lucky that 90% of our meat is home grown or hunted, so the meat is not an issue. Our meals include: tacos(you covered that) goulash, home made chicken nuggets, pork chops, pulled pork. But the sides are hard. In the past we have made those noodles in a pouch like Lipton cheddar broccoli, or mashed potatoes, French fires and then a plain vegetable like green beans, carrots or peas. nothing exciting or flavorful. Time is hard since I work till 6pm and when I get home my kids are hungry!! 
I am trying the make a big meat one day and eat it for then next few days… we shall see how that goes!


I just received this and will reply fully tomorrow. I am heading to bed right now and will think on all sorts of good things to tempt you and the family with.  

Have you tried the root veggie and cabbage slaw with grated apples in it. Tasty, even for kids! You can make a big bowl and have it for a couple of nights. It is quick and easy to make and you can get the kids to help with washing and grating veggies and apples.

Keep warm and sleep well. Hugs, Paula

Next AM: If you have things you like (such as the Lipton cheddar broccoli) look at:

  • what it is (noodles, broccoli, cheese)
  • ingredients (refined noodles, dried cheese powder, synthetic crap...)
  • re-create it (or any food product you like) by changing everything in it that is required to make the dish (leaving out the artificial crap) into whole food ingredients.

So for this buy 100% whole grain noodles (buy different whole grain varieties to vary the food sources in your diet: whole spelt, brown rice, soba noodles of buckwheat and heritage wheat varieties, etc.), good cheddar cheese, broccoli.

You will need butter and milk to make the cheese sauce.

Cook noodles 2-3 minutes less than package say so they stay chewy not mushy. I time from as soon as I put into the boiling water not from the time the water and noodles together in the pot come to a simmer again.

Drain cooked noodles and leave in strainer for a minute. Add butter and milk to bottom of hot pot, say 1/4 cup milk and 2 tbsp. butter.

Put noddles back into pot.

add shredded cheddar cheese (you can even buy organic shredded cheddar to make it easier, quicker, etc. It is more costly. OR get the kids to help and grate a brick of cheese.)

Stir noodles to mix it all together and add broccoli that you have steamed and chopped into tiny pieces. Add some garlic and voila'!

Use this mindset with any favorite foods that have the potential to be made with 100% whole foo ingredients.

Mashed potatoes? Yummy!  Make with organic potatoes and leave the skins on.

Try the raw root veggie and cabbage slaw to give taste to dinner and veggies. Play around with the spice blends you add to the basic apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing. Use the spice blend information I added on one of the PDFs. The slaw brings raw veggies into the daily dinner, makes it easy to incorporate fall and winter veggies from local farmers, and can be changed every night:

  • cabbage, beets & apple
  • cabbage, carrot & apple
  • carrot, beet & apple
  • add celeriac to one or all, or
  • celeriacbeets, cabbage
  • rutabaga, turnip, daikon radish, parsnip, etc. 
  • Mix and match to your heart's delight AND what will be acceptable flavors to your kids. What they do not like now will change as they age and taste bud happiness changes.

I hope this helps. Cheers, Paula

PS  The underlined words are links to blog posts with information and recipes on the particular food underlined. Included is a beet carrot cake recipe. Very yummy!

2. Question

I have found that when I try to quit sugar nothing tastes good in my mouth, nothing as exciting I guess I would say.

Answer: This is an excellent observation and great point to share with others. Thanks for bringing it up. 

When the taste buds have been over stimulated with primarily one taste, sweet, and packaged foods that are full of synthetic ingredients purposely put there to over stimulate the taste buds and make you come back for more... it takes time to cleanse the palette, cleanse the taste buds and re-set their nervous system sensitivity.

Give yourself time (2-3 months) and patience to re-calibrate the taste buds. They need to come down off the high stimulation of sweet and processed / packaged to be able to appreciate the subtle flavors in whole foods. 

When you begin to eat naturally bitter, astringent, sour, savory, etc. foods they may taste bland at first. This is because your taste buds have been over stimulated by synthetic ingredients and sugar. In time, these subtle flavors will be like a symphony on your tongue. Your palette will be cleansed and aware of the subtleties of natural food. You will actually crave these inviting foods.

Fun things to do to help the taste buds re-calibrate is by using fresh herbs in cooking. Finely chop them and add when you finished cooking and the heat is off. Toss into the soup, stew, stir fry, or fresh salad and enjoy.



Making any recipe a whole food meal PDF file

3. Question

Q: I'm really struggling giving up sugar...it's a process...wish I could go cold turkey it would be less painful..but just reduction of sweets for now....reading labels, becoming aware. I don't recall a detox drink, food etc. Did you post such?

A: See attached file for detox tea & liver nourishment.

Suzanne Somers' trick to get rid of gut bugs that crave sugar:





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