TEAeBooks™ are Wise Woman Nurse® created eBooks with herbal tea recipes for a specific healing need.

Medicinal infusions, better known as herbal teas, are the time honored basis of natural healing. Steeping medicinal plants in water creates a powerful healing ally with oneself. When you engage in the self care ritual of making your own plant medicines, you are taking responsibility for your health. This is Self Healing at its best. When we empower ourselves with this simple, ritual act of making plant based healing teas, we open a portal inside ourselves that moves us towards more Self Healing lifestyle options. Making tea is to Self Healing what Yoga poses are to the art of Yoga… The very act leaves you wanting more. I invite you in for more.

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Each TEAeBook™ includes:

  • The 35 years experience, education, & wisdom of a Wise Woman Nurse®,

  • Herbal Medicinal Infusion (Herbal Tea) recipe,

  • How to make the infusion for the very best medicine you can offer your body cells,

  • What each herb in the recipe offers up to your healing journey, AND

  • Lifestyle recommendations to support the herbal medicine’s healing work in your body. These recommendations satisfy your wanting more when the time is right for you.

TEAeBooks™ invite you to work with yourself in the comfort of your hom