Jenny Morrill             Paula Youmell

   Jenny Morrill            Paula Youmell

Weaving Healing Wisdom Workshops

Jenny and Paula weave their healing wisdom to create mind, body, spirit workshops that gift you with the tools you need to change thought patterns and life habits, understand whole health and lifestyle medicine, and walk away feeling and knowing you are empowered to weave your own tapestry of healing wisdom.

Jenny has an amazing knowledge of the brain’s workings around creating new habits; new neural pathways. She is poetry in motion teaching the concepts to kids and adults alike with passion and compassion. 

Paula teaches body, mind, spirit health from the cellular level up, yup, a natural health-biology nerd to assist your weaving wisdom around your body’s amazing inner workings. Her passion for real food and earth based, natural medicine will have you walking your path to health with a skip in your step.

We work together to weave the best wokshop for your group's needs OR We are available as solo healing education gals if you are specifically looking for Jenny or Paula's offerings. 

Jenny can be contacted through her Mindfulness website: 3 Marigolds

You are right where you need to be to catch Paula: Contact Me

Professional Development:

Teacher Trainings for Public School Teachers, College & University Professors, Counselors, Parents

Jenny and Paula weave together their wisdom around Mindfulness, Brain Development and Health, Whole Body Health (Lifestyle Medicine), and Movement Magic to create workshops for your professional development.

Learn Life Changing Tools To Improve Your Self Care: Walk away with tools to change your neural pathways for a better equipped self-care routine. Improve your ability to be of service to others. Learn skills to bring to your professional space weaving together mindfulness and whole health. Learn how to use these skills to teach others to find their wellness path. You will deepen your already held healing skills and learn to teach others to discover wellness within.

Workshops for teachers, professors, educational professionals, parents, grandparents, counselors... all people who work with children, teens, and young adults OR for the people who train others to work with our youth 

  • Support students as they navigate the sometimes chaotic world of education and their lives to find a calm space within: mindfulness
  • Learn how the brain develops and how to create new neural pathways of calm and reasoning as opposed to the fly off the handle emotional responses
  • Help students improve their learning skills, testing performance, and academic success through being grounded in solid health practices
  • Learn the biological impacts of real food nutrition on health, learning, and growth & development
  • Learn body movement skills to enhance your well being and the well being of the youths you work with
  • Bring these skill back to the classroom to teach your students
  • Bring these skills back to your educational training colleges and universities to impact the teachers teaching future teachers
  • Discover how these skill can fit into and fulfill your classroom standards.

Contact us today to set up your workshop:  Jenny  or   Paula

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